Night Rain Asphalt Stock Video Footage

Looping, rain falling straight down from above camera. POV shot looking down on wet, flooded pavement, while rain pours, splashes down. Nearly 30 seconds and loopable. See portfolio for much more! Night empty street on asphalt road slider footage 4k Traffic Speed Driving time lapse footage for different projects and events!!! Night shooting, rain on the street on the road, reflections of lanterns in a puddle, wet asphalt, Japanese street at night, Filmed in sloumotion. Low shot of puddle whilst it rains with traffic Rain falling on pavement in slow motion Close view small rain drops fall down on wet reflecting lights road in city centre at night Beautiful animation of flying snow flakes blizzard	Night city street after rain, low angle view, closeup on reflections in water puddle bokeh blur. 4K UHD background. ULTRA HD 4K Illuminated public lamp in dark night and heavy rain, town streetlight Heavy Rain, Busy Street. Car and Traffic Lights Reflect on a Rainy Road at Night. Rain falling on pavement in slow motion Asphalt under heavy rain during the night Heavy traffic on rainy day in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil Close up of road, asphalt, white arrow signs indicating direction, way, of the highway. Urban traffic flow, pulse.  Rain drops on asphalt by night with lights 
Rainy night in the city. Reflection of traffic lights changing from red to green POV Driving on an asphalt road in fog across a flooded countryside Asphalt Street at Night during Heavy Rain. Lightning on the horizon slow motion Dark side street of large city with puddle of water 4k
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