Nod Stock Video Footage

Funny bottlenose dolphin shaking head yes and no closeup Chest-up handheld shot of happy 11-year-old Caucasian girl sitting on couch at home, holding invisible smartphone in outstretched hand, looking at camera and chatting cheerfully on video call Portrait of caucasian guy with curly mustache wearing hat expressing approval and nodding positively, isolated over blue background. Concept of emotions Nodding dog on dashboard with car shaking head Portrait of a handsome, sophisticated, male doctor with a stethoscope around his neck smiling, nodding his head yes, and looking at the camera in a clinic or hospital in slow motion Portrait of cute woman smiling with white perfect teeth saying yes and nodding positively meaning agreement over blue background. Concept of emotions Sleeping doctor woman in clinic office tired of work load at night. female medical worker doze off nod off in dark hospital desk. nurse close eyes head fell on working table at night exhausted 4K Young man on internet video call nodding at webcam, unable to get a word in Close up slow motion shot of woman comforting friend in coffee shop / Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Portrait of adult arabic guy in formal wear looking on camera and nodding in approval, isolated over yellow background. Concept of emotions Nodding dog on a table, front shot. Portrait of satisfied confident man with african hairstyle looking on camera smiling nodding positively over white background. Concept of emotions Closeup young dark-skinned male with afro haircut nodding positively isolated over charcoal backgroun 4k, businessman in a formal suit nodding at the camera while having a video conference in the office. Closeup portrait of hairy muscular man 25y in casual gray t-shirt nodding and expressing approval with smile, over white background. Concept of emotions 4K Overweight businesswoman listening & nodding during boring conference call in the office Close up footage of Holstein Friesian cow breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland they are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals 4k CLOSE UP: Industrial oil pump jack working and pumping crude oil for fossil fuel energy with drilling rig in oil field. Nodding donkey pump against the blue sky pumping over the sun in sunny summer 4K Corporate businesswoman smiling & nodding during boring conference call Happy doctor nods his head approvingly and shows thumb up. Man in a medical mask looks straight ahead and gives approval Smiling young bearded man nods his head and looking at camera
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