Nod Yeah Stock Video Footage

Close up footage of Holstein Friesian cow breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland they are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals 4k Over confident self assured woman nodding her head knowing she is absolutely right Portrait of african smiling nun pointing hand to right side with fingers in gun shape, expressing solidarity and nodding head. Isolated on white background Yeah sure, of course. Charismatic funny and weird hipster guy with beard and curly long haircut, nod in approval and mumbling as if agree or approve something, encourage do it, beige background Portrait of approving young guy nodding An attractive young man with headphones on neck in a white shirt is nodding his head positively isolated over blue background Surprised excited happy businessman funny dancing on blue background. Man shows yeah gesture of victory, he achieved result, goals. An attractive young man with long hair in a black leather jacket is nodding his head positively isolated over white background Man claps with approval nodding intermittently with emotion, in sunlight wearing black with canvas backdrop. Yes winner gesture. Amazed european businessman with beard shocked, saying yeah. Handsome guy with stylish hairdo surprised to camera over blue background. Slow-motion pretty caucasian blond adult woman speaking to coworker, agree with person during conversation, nod in agreement, say yes, yeah, impressed with well done job, praise teamwork Beautiful businesswoman nodding and showing no at camera isolated on yellow Portrait of african american man nodding isolated on yellow Yeah baby, thats right, good job. Slow-motion handsome bearded masculine guy in glasses, white collar shirt, pointing finger pistols camera and nod with approval, smiling satisfied, congratulating Yeah man lets do it. Cheerful and outgoing good-looking african american young tattoed hipster guy in black t-shirt with dreadlocks combed, show thumb-up and nod approval, agree, like idea Portrait of a cute woman smiling saying Yes and nodding positively means agreement on a pink background. The concept of emotions
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