Notice Stock Video Footage

Social media and notificaition icons. Social networking service. A business owner puts a CLOSED sign on the front door due to the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.  	Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund Two security officers noticed a trespasser on a surveillance computer screen in a dark monitoring room. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses Close up rack focus on notice at store front stating closure from the COVID-19 virus during lockdown. Women's march_2018__new york city_fight like a girl sign
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone. Close Up Shot of New Notification on Smart Phone. Seamless Loops. Camera zoom in and out variations on road sign reading "Stay Home, Save Lives" during the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic. Beagle lying on the couch and twirls with his tail when notices somebody Sleeping beagle dog wag the tail when noticed somebody come in Debt Letters Piling Up with Bills Overdue, Past Due and Final Notice. Red Writing to Represent Economic Struggle, Unemployment, Home Repossession and Recession, Security camera looks in different directions and then notices the target and the camera flies into the lens. 4k animation Young man overwhelmed by his bills at home.A young man at home calculates his living expenses and sums his bills and his overdue notices and falls into despair Focused businessman accountant doing calculation for online financial report at workplace. Serious man using calculator paying bill online holding paper sitting at home office desk. Accounting concept Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept Road sign close up reading "Keep your distace, 6 feet between people" as the corona virus sweeps across the country. Asian male waiter in apron is changing doorplate from "open" to "sorry we are closed". End of work day, employee and business concept.closed due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak lockdown Excited overjoyed indian girl student open envelope reading good news in paper admission letter at home, happy euphoric young woman holding mail notice celebrate loan approval get new job scholarship
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