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New York City, United States - Apr 4, 2019: Time-lapse of people waiting and boarding trains at subway station platform in New York city, USA. American city life, or public transportation concept New York City Manhattan aerial panorama cityscape- the transition from Day to Night video. Aerial video timelapse Times Square New York City Night Timelapse. High dynamic range 4K super fine timelapse by raw photo files. Crazy busy people, traffic and LED walls of advertisements. 
New York, USA. July 9, 2019 New York City, USA - April 6, 2018: Timelapse, time lapse of high angle, aerial view of NYC Herald Square midtown with crowd of people crossing crosswalk at night with tilt and shift effect Midtown Manhattan skyline at sunrise in New York, timelapse of rising sun NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 2016: Timelapse of Times Square traffic and pedestrians at rush hour in New York City, USA. Point of view driving on New Jersey Route 3 and U.S. Route 46 from New York City at night timelapse Aerial night view of Manhattan, New York City. Tall buildings. Timelapse dronelapse. NY from above. Timelapse of Times Square, New York, USA. In 4K. The Vessel - Hudson Yards, Timelapse of People Walking Stairs, Opening Weekend, March 17, 2019, New York City, NY, USA Aerial drone hyperlapse of New York skyline at night with pull back motion away from the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers NEW YORK CITY - NOVEMBER 17: (TIMELAPSE) Aerial view from Empire State Building of intersection with pedestrian and vehicle traffic on 34th Street and 5th Ave on November 17, 2016 in New York, USA. Motion time lapse hyperlapse of Manhattan bridge from Washington street, Brooklyn, New York, USA New York City, United States - Mar 31, 2019: Crowded people, car traffic transportation and billboards displaying advertisement at night in Times Square. American lifestyle or modern city life concept New York, New York, USA skyline of Lower Manhattan on the East River from day to night. Manhattan cityscape from day to night - seamless loop - NYC timelapse Unrecognizable people crossing street. anonymous crowd of commuters walking on busy street in the city. business rush hour time background Sunset over Manhattan skyline, sun reflections on buildings.  New York City, NYC. 4K UHD timelapse. NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 07 (TIMELAPSE): Hyperlapse walk through crowd of tourist around Times Square in the evening time on October 07, 2016 in New York, USA. Timelapse People walking on Busy, Crowded street in Midtown Manhattan New York City, with Chrysler Building in Background, Day to Night, NYC, USA Brooklyn Bridge Hyperlapse Timelapse, New York USA. Walking on Historic Landmark Under Dramatic Sky
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