Obscene Stock Video Footage

Close up of a woman gestures a bad smell with her hands. Close up booty woman dancing on stage of club next to other. Angry young woman making obscene hand gesture by showing middle finger. UNITED STATES 1970s : Lady Receives Obscene Phone Call Back of half-naked man in yellow cap dancing in blue studio Cute Baby Boy Sticking Tongue Out / Cute baby watching him sticking tongue out for the first time. Closeup man’s palm showing middle finger isolated Medium close up time lapse shot of a peony bulb opening and dying against a black background, which with a little imagination can look like something hatching and becoming something monstrous. Adult man picks his nose Reporter George Putnam suggests six ways that viewers might begin to combat obscene materials being sold in their communities in 1965. (1960s) Reporter George Putnam assures viewers that the smuttiest of photographs from dirty magazines were too obscene to be used in this 1965 film. (1960s) Reporter George Putnam warns parents that even if they think their kids don't read obscene material, they'll have friends who expose it to them in 1965. (1960s) Reporter George Putnam invokes the Constitution, based on faith in God, in protecting Americans from obscenity in 1965. (1960s) Reporter George Putnam stresses to parents that if their children read obscene material, they will not be able to experience happy lives or marriages in 1965. (1960s) Reporter George Putnam explains the insidiousness of "mail-order" obscenities, advertised in magazines in 1965. (1960s) Two men talk to a district attorney about a pornographic magazine case in the 1960s. (1960s) SLOW MOTION: Attractive Caucasian blonde girl is being wild and bad, showing a middle finger gesture to you. Two guys making movements with his hands close to feet and booty dancing girl on stage in club. MOSCOW - DEC, 21, 2014: DJ (with model release) sitting and clapping fanny of two dancing girls near in Rublev club. Moscow clubs offer live entertainment, show and performances by popular bands. Brutal man singing into microphone embracing woman shaking ass in go-go dance in club. Businessman gives finger
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