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03014 Animation of an offshore oil platform. Fly-through shot. The silhouette of oil pumps in a large oil field at sunrise. Race car burnout on race track. Thick smoke from burned tires. Victory burnout. Fly over of showing a large oil pipeline exposed that is under construction. 
Black liquid surface, abstract, oil, fluid, ferrofluid Ferrofluid in dynamic, 4k Drone Fly-through shot of oil rig on the open sea, during sunset. Many crude petroleum naphta drilling extraction pumps under the sunset red sky on oil field industrial platform Olive oil being poured on roasted potatoes, onions and carrots, with salt sprinkled on roasted rack of pork. Medium shot in 4K Phantom Flex camera. Beautiful flowering rapeseed field under blue sky, timelapse, 4k Beautiful nature, aerial drone forward motion wide view on rural countryside landscape, canola oilseed and wheat fields, shining sun sunset sky horizon Mustard flowers. Mustard \x96 mystical flower of happiness and health. CLOSE UP: Industrial oil pump jack working and pumping crude oil for fossil fuel energy with drilling rig in oil field. Nodding donkey pump against the blue sky pumping over the sun in sunny summer Pipeline transportation is most common way of transporting goods such as Oil, natural gas or water on long distances. Camera is slowly moving along the pipeline. Animation is loopable. Solar energy, field One hand takes in the hands of the olives that have just fallen from the tree for the production of extra virgin olive oil produced in italy to control the quality. Concept of: Italian tradition, bio. Modern facility with tube or powerful process area at the oil depot or tank farm. Rock-oil extraction for supply. Engineering complex for refining and delivery. Dolly outdoors in sunny summer. Nobody Engineers working near oil derricks, oil rig. Oil production industry concept. A gas flare at an oil refinery in the Kimanis,Sabah,Malaysia.Around 3.5% of the world's natural-gas supply was wastefully burned or flared,at oil & gas fields in 2012,according to the satellite data. Men with a laptop walk near working oil derrick. Fossil Fuel, Oil industry concept. Macro shot of growing crystals, close up of forming ice crystals
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