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Aerial top down view over oil refinery or chemical factory and power plant with many storage tanks and pipelines. Shot with 4K UHD resolution drone. 4K Night time aerial shot from oil tanks in a refinery Offshore oil and gas operations, production operator open valve to allow gas flowing to sea line pipe for sent gases and crude oil to central processing platform, Remote platform site service worker. Two factory workers walking and discussion with tablet pc. Industrial background Aerial view. Emission to atmosphere from industrial pipes. Smokestack pipes shooted with drone. Close-up. Oil pump jack at a drill site in a desert with oil barrels and refinery tanks on a floating island. Loopable 4K 3D render with mask/matte. Perfect for explainer or infographic. 4K Male and female engineers in power plant turning a valve on pipeline (UK-Oct 2016) Workers at refinery as team discussing, industrial scene in background. Oil Gas Refinery Aerial 4K, Aerial top down view over oil refinery or chemical factory and power plant with many storage tanks and pipelines GLOBAL WARMING Pipes Pollute Industry Atmosphere With Smoke Ecology pollution, Industrial factory pollutes, smoke stacks exhaust pipes,Top Industry Sources The World's Polluting Industries news media Olive oil pouring into plastic bottles. Process of sunflower oil production in the factory. Cooking oil in bottles moving on a circle conveyor. Beautiful aerial view large powerful gas and oil refinery industrial complex with pipelines and chimneys against sky 4K Night aerial shot of off oil refinery Aerial view of industrial oil refinery plant station. gas industry background Offshore oil and gas engineer climb up to gases process vessel to inspect and observe quality of gas treatment process. Workers in production plant as team discussing, industrial scene in background 4K time lapse, Offshore oil and gas business, Central processing platform produced raw gases and condensate or crude oil then sent gas to onshore refinery. Big oil rig working on an open ocean during a foggy night. Countless lights illuminate the mist and create a reflection in the water waves. Symbol of natural environment degradation and pollution.
Hyperlapse Timelapse Aerial view drone of oil refinery terminal is industrial facility for storage of oil and petrochemical. oil manufacturing products. power electric plant. footage b roll time lapse Slow motion backside view employee controls manufacturing process walking along plant territory and adjusts helmet Sunflower oil in the bottle moving on production line. Sunflower oil   production factory
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