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03014 Animation of an offshore oil platform. Fly-through shot. Offshore oil and gas operations, production operator open valve to allow gas flowing to sea line pipe for sent gases and crude oil to central processing platform, Remote platform site service worker. Offshore oil worker walking on oil platform. Silhouette of working oil pump from oil field at sunset. The industrial equipment. Men with a laptop walk near working oil derrick. Fossil Fuel, Oil industry concept. Big oil rig working on an open ocean during a foggy night. Countless lights illuminate the mist and create a reflection in the water waves. Symbol of natural environment degradation and pollution.
Beautiful 3D closeup view of an oil pump jack animated on a technical abstract background with grid, text and icons. 4K 30fps Drone Fly-through shot of oil rig on the open sea, during sunset. The silhouette of oil pumps in a large oil field at sunrise. Offshore construction platform for production oil and gas. Oil and gas industry and hard work. Production platform and operation process by manual and auto function from control room. Aerial view of an offshore Industrial oil Rig in the Gulf of Alaska surrounded by a frozen sea Northern Pacific America Offshore oil and gas engineer climb up to gases process vessel to inspect and observe quality of gas treatment process. An abseiler complete with personal protective equipment (PPE) standing of the vessel at the edge of oil and gas rig platform for touch up painting activities. Fly over of showing a large oil pipeline exposed that is under construction. 
SOUTH CHINA SEA - JULY 2016: Flying towards a Chinese offshore oil drilling platform in the South China Sea, a strategic political and economic region with several conflicting territorial claims. 02876 View of an Oil rig at night. Milky way shines above. Oil pumps working on a field. Metal oil derricks work, pumping oil. 4K time lapse, Offshore oil and gas business, Central processing platform produced raw gases and condensate or crude oil then sent gas to onshore refinery. Team of workers walking on fuel plant Liquid chemical tank terminal, Storage of liquid petrol fuel chemical and petrochemical product tank, Aerial view crude oil and gas terminal port, Business power and energy chemical industry factory. Aerial Drone Shot Flying over Alberta Oil Dereks, Northern Alberta Canada, Prairie Land
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