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4K driving through a redwood forest in slow motion. Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Northern California. Sunlight shines through tall trees. Old Wooden Sign on a Middle of a Cross Road With the Words Wrong or Right An elderly woman in a red scarf, leather jacket and gloves stands on the background of an empty road. Puts his hands on his chest and shows the sign of bikers. The woman is smiling. Happy life of an View of billboard stands next to road. Outdoor advertising space. Countryside. (green screen) USA - CIRCA 2017 - An abandoned or rundown old Ranch motel along a rural road in America. Chicago traffic light turns from green to red at downtown financial district intersection  Drone shot of a roundabout in Shanghai, China, around Rainwater flows on the road and fall into the metal hatch with holes drain. Slow motion, high speed camera, 250fps AERIAL: Black SUV car driving along historic Route 66 through the vast desert. People traveling, road trip on empty countryside road through America on sunny summer vacation Atlanta LOS ANGELES - Circa 2015: Aerial view of MacArthur Park in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. 4K UHD. RIO DE JANEIRO - CIRCA JUNE 2013: Slow tracking down a street where people can be seen walking next to a wall full of graffiti LONDON, AUGUST 21, 2016 4K London Traffic at Piccadilly Circus, Crowd Roads with Cabs, Red English Buses Old Restaurant and Cafe Sign with Ad For Color TV Pan Left to Right Old building with car passing by Hong Kong June 2016: Many traditional Chinese signs on busy street. Busy street with people and cars in Kowloon area. Densely packed traditional Chinese signs in commercial downtown area in China. Las Vegas Sign glows against dark blue night sky, welcomes visitors to Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, 2015 Old dirty deserted gas station. U.S. Route 66. crisis road 66 fueling slow motion video lifestyle. closed supermarket store shop Abandoned gas station oil end of fuel the world apocalypse petrol. Old Grungy Motel Sign Closeup at Night 3D Animation Old gas station in Bluff, Utah, United States. Stop sign. Old shabby and rusty road sign. Entry into the forbidden zone. Abandoned road. The order will stop. A shabby stop sign before entering the abandoned city. 4K (UHD). 2 shots
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