Ominous Stock Video Footage

City Blackout. Power outage in an area of high rise apartment buildings. Footage B Roll Timelapse Sky and black cloud. Dark grey storm clouds. Dramatic sky. lighting in dark stormy cloudy. Beautiful nature time lapse storm clouds at sunset time. Horrible weather City Blackout. Power outage in large city. Energy crisis, climate change, disatsers, economic recession concept. Location: Los Angeles, California. A Tornado Churns In The Open Country Near Fort Stockton, Texas, USA During A Severe Weather Outbreak Thick plumes of dark SMOKE rise from a Amazon rain forest in Brazil that is on fire and burning due to deforestation. Dark yellow, black, and gray smoke billows into the sky. A Powerful Supercell Thunderstorm In Tornado Alley During 2020 Storm Season - Time Lapse Dark ominous grey storm clouds. Dramatic sky. lighting in dark stormy clouds Rockport, TX/US - August 26, 2017 [Major Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Rockport, Texas. Hurricane winds, storm surge flooding along the coastal homes. Houses and palms in strong winds and rain.] A Large Supercell Thunderstorm Spirals Across Tornado Alley During A Severe Weather Outbreak 4K-UHD - Extreme lightning storm timelapse over the moonlit Florida ocean at night. Scary full moon at night through trees and leaves. Night stormy sky above city. Set of beautiful lightning strikes. Thunderstorm clouds. Timelapse. Slow motion. Time lapse of tornado warned supercell storm rolling through the Nebraska plains as it moves over the landscape as it changes shape. Severe Storm clouds rolling in the sky in time lapse as it moves across the landscape and lightning strikes in Wyoming. Tornado Silhouette - Wynnewood, OK Lightning above Stormy Sea ocean Clouds moving in time lapse bringing dramatic storm as it moves over the plains. Time-lapse video of an intense rotating supercell thunderstorm, with impressive lightning strikes, dark skies and mesocyclone storm structure. Storm Clouds Timelapse.Dark clouds block out the sun before the storm A Supercell Advances Across Tornado Alley War ruin city danger ukraine kyiv kiev destruction house destroy
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