Pasture Stock Video Footage

Old caucasian couple hiking, trekking in mountains with backpacks, enjoying their adventure - tourism concept 4k Aerial Herd of Cows Running on Pasture at Sunrise Aerial Flyover Over Wild Horses Running Slow Motion Through Meadow Iceland Summer Colors Freedom Liberty Travel Destination Storm clouds rolling in the sky during rain storm in time lapse as it moves across the landscape and lightning strikes. Quickly go along the picturesque countryside and the agro-earth Aerial top down view of tractor cutting grass moving from right to left beautiful fresh green field meadow pasture the cut grass will be dried and become hay and then used as animal silage 4k quality An Alpine cow is smelling the camera, than turns to its herd, licking its nose, amazing covered with snow mountain peaks and large stones on the background. Farming activities. Animal portrait. The cow in the meadow goes moo, with audio. Conversations of cows. Herd wild horses run lined along snowfield field snow leader Freedom pasture animal Warm Cinematic orange sunset. Winter frost cold. Buryatia Mongolia Russia. Happiness power. Blue sky. Aerial Follow 4k animal cinemagraph two happy cows resting on pasture in mountains on sunny summer day, one looking at camera 
Aerial view of Icelandic horses in summer pasture Aerial view of cattle group of cows walking slowly over beautiful pasture farm landscape bright green grass from sunshine drone following Aberdeen Angus cows slowly from the right side of group 4k Mature caucasian woman hiking in mountains with backpack, enjoying her adventure - tourism concept closeup 4k Cattle cow grazing in field. Dairy cattle grazing. Milk cow eating grass. Dairy cow eat grass. Farm cattle grazing in pasture Cows herding and running on green field in spring. At Argentina, Latina America. 
4K Aerial Drone Flying
Aerial drone shot flying over a flock of sheep walking on the road in Iceland. Cloudy day, low altitude flight Wild Horses Herd Running On Meadow Aerial Fly Over Spring Mountains Nature Wild Life Beauty Animals Stallions Galloping Sunset Shining Adventure Freedom Ecology Concept A Brown and White Cow Standing in a Pasture with other Cows in the Background with Hills Clip of Holstein Friesians often shortened as Friesians, dairy cattle cows used to produce milk and other dairy products on a lush green farm during a spectacular sunset Black and White goat making sound typical noise. Farm animals on pasture. Close-up long-focus lens shot Animal portrait. Aerial top-down view flight over meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing grass showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production 4k
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