Philippines Stock Video Footage

Aerial video in an amazing landscape, with drone, above rice terraces in a beautiful day. Timelapse view over Makati city in Metro Manila, Philippines by night Slow motion. Sunset silhouette of people playing volleyball at tropical beach under palm trees. Boracay island, Philippines summer vacation Timelapse of Sunset over Metro Manila transitioning to night, Philippines Boracay, Philippines - November 8th 2013: Super Typhoon Haiyan slams into the exposed eastern shore bringing hurricane force winds Aerial video in an amazing landscape, with drone, above rice terraces in a beautiful day. DUMAGUETE, PHILIPPINES - FEBRUARY 18, 2014 :Tricycle motor taxi, Philippines inexpensive transport service. Tricycle motor taxi are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Nemo clown fish in the anemone on the colorful healthy coral reef. Anemonefish nemo couple swimming underwater. Scuba diving coral reef scene with nemo and anemone. Metro Manila time lapse, looking over Makati city skyline at sunset, Philippines. Corella, Philippines - Philippines Tarsier opening its eyes wide	Philippines Tarsier (Tarsius Syrichta) grabbing onto a tree and opening its eyes wide open with green background. Two palms on beautiful tropical beach Swimming cute turtle in the blue ocean. Underwater scuba diving with sea turtle. Exotic island vacation with snorkeling. Wildlife on the tropical coral reef. Wind turbine power generators silhouettes at stormy ocean coastline at sunset. Alternative renewable energy production in Philippines School of big eye trevally swimming in tight formation underwater at Balicasag Island, Philippines Aerial view poor district of Manila's slums, ghettos, wooden old houses, shacks. Aerial footage slum area of Manila, Philippines. Manila suburb, view from the plane. 4K video. Mountain, field landscape with dinosaurs. Palm trees. Aerial view. Jungle. Realistic 4k animation . Aerial view of Kayangan Lake in Coron island, Palawan, Philippines. Chocolate hills 4k timelapse with beautiful cloudy sky on Bohol island in Philippines Timelapse of stars moving in night sky, starry sky turning around the Earth Footage of the Philippine Tarsier taken in Bohol. The animal is clinging to a branch while it observes the world around him. Known locally as mawmag in Cebuano / Visayan. Palm on tropical beach, Philippines, Boracay
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