Philippines Stock Video Footage

Residents of this poor community in Canlubang, Philippines have not had running water for over 5 years. A man retrieves water from a shared well using a hand pump on January 15, 2014. Steady camera. Loopable spinning Earth with South East Asia country maps displaying.
Each country border freeze a few seconds to let you edit and change the order or duration. The Philippine Flag AEC or ASEAN flag waving atop among Southeast Asia nation flags on blue sky backgrund Dead corals on coral reef due to a combination of global warming and reef bomb fishing BOHOL, PHILIPPINES - FEBRUARY 21, 2014 : Unidentified folk music band performs in traditional Philippine background for tourists Amazing colorful sunset at the tropical sea with riding philippine boat in Moalboal Small philippine tarsier with big eyes on the tree in Bohol island, Philippines BORACAY, PHILIPPINES 9 FEB 2015: Unidentified volleyball players enjoy warm sunset time and play ball on tropical sandy beach. Lifestyle activity background Huge shoal of sardines swimming underwater in Moalboal, Philippines Scuba divers swimming through long dark passage underwater beneath Gato Island, Philippines Bright orange anemonefish or clownfish sheltering in anemone underwater off the coast of Negros Island, Philippines Flag of the Philippines with fabric structure; looping Cute Philippines Tarsier (Carlito syrichta) on the tree trunk Palm on sunset Timelapse view over Makati city in Metro Manila, Philippines by night Manila, Philippines - Sept 23, 2015:Timelapse over Makati`s skyline. Makati is one of the most developed business district in Metro Manila, Philippines. Landscape of El Nido. Palawan island. Philippines. Scared endangered species Tarsier hiding behind a branch, rack focus on a tourist girl watching it in it's natural habitat. Bohol, Philippines Aerial view poor district of Manila's slums, ghettos, wooden old houses, shacks. Aerial footage slum area of Manila, Philippines. Manila suburb, view from the plane. 4K video. CORON,PHILIPPINES-CIRCA  DECEMBER  2016  unidentified people in the boat near the village pier
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