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Farmer hands planting to soil tomato seedling in the vegetable garden. On the background a watering can for irrigation. Organic farming and spring gardening concept 4k Dolly shot close up rear view of young woman in pale blue dress walking on the tea plantation field in summer. Woman hand touching and stroking top of tea tree plant under sunlight in fresh morning Two excited, happy Japanese women taking pictures together in a tea plantation with Mount Fuji in the background, with soft natural lighting. Wide to Medium shot on 4k RED camera. Majestic view of sun light shines on tea plant leaves. Nuwara Eliya plantation fields on hill slopes. Beautiful Sri Lanka nature landscapes Portrait of a happy Japanese woman standing in front of a tea plantation with bright natural lighting. Medium shot on 4k RED camera. Group of three elderly Japanese farmers going through tea leaves in a tea plantation during a bright fall day with Mount Fuji in the background. Wide shot on 4k RED camera on gimbal. Farmer uses a tablet computer on a soy field Wide shot of two happy Japanese friends taking a picture together with a mobile phone with Mount Fuji in the background in a tea plantation with soft natural lighting. Green leaves of soy bean in hand. Slow motion Soil, Agriculture, - Farmer hands holding and pouring back organic soil. Close up of yellow barley plants in a wheat field at sunset Aerial video in an amazing landscape, with drone, above rice terraces in a beautiful day. Aerial shooting from flying drone of a woman worker is collecting tea leaves on a large plantation in Thailand. Top view of young female traveler in sun hat is standing on a field with coffee brushes Hand of boy watering a young plant tree growing on fertile soil in the morning light, Slow Motion. Conservation of Natural Resources. Planting the trees, protect nature, sustainability, sustainable An aerial shot of soybean field ripening at spring season, agricultural landscape Seeding,Seedling,Male hand watering young plant over green background,seed planting Young man with long hair lies in salad field eating salad AERIAL VIEW: Flight over the sunflower field in sunset. Oranges hanging on branches fruit orchard close up. Ripe and juicy oranges in fruit plantation. Orange garden on a summer day. Oranges branch in a fruit garden. Orange fruit tree background Apple tree spraying with a tractor Follow to male farmer's feet in boots walking through the small green sprouts of sunflower on the field. Legs of young man stepping on the dry soil at the meadow. Low angle view Close up Slow motion
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