Polar Bear Walking Through Arctic Stock Video Footage

Polar Bear Walking Through The Arctic v.1-5 Polar Bear Walking Through The Arctic v.2-5 A polar bear walks through the snow across the icy tundra in Canada next to a frozen pond. P1080369 A polar bear cubs walking through icy arctic landscape. Close up of polar bear walking through willows in golden light, looking at camera. Slow motion - polar bear mum leads baby cub through broken sea ice in arctic Polar bear and cub walk through broken up sea ice in far north A polar bear walking through a hilly arctic landscape with her cubs. Handheld shot of polar bear over tourist shoulders through buggy windows - MVI 0023 Polar bear and two babies walk through blowing snow in arctic Polar bear and juvenile walk through snowy boulders in arctic Close fuzzy polar bear cubs walking through snowy willows in arctic Slow motion - close shot of young polar bear cub walking through the slushy summer sea ice as it follows its mother on an arctic summer day - A014 C051 0718BL 001 A Polar bear family walking through snowy rocks in arctic Slow motion - polar bear sow and her cub make their way through the jumbled blocks of ice on the frozen sea Polar bear cub sticks close to mum walking through snowy grass Polar bear walks through dusk light gets closer over snow Polar bear family walks away through falling snow in tundra Polar bears on sunny sea ice walk through frame Polar bear walks past buggy then through beach grass and snow dunes Polar bear wades slowly out into arctic sea through ice and chop
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