Polynesia Stock Video Footage

SLOW MOTION: Cheerful extreme pro surfer surfing big tube barrel wave Teahupoo in crystal clear Pacific ocean in sunny Tahiti island SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Big powerful Teahupoo tube wave breaking and splashing over the island reef, water drops spraying in the wind in sunny summer Young males and females in a group of Tahitian hula dancers performing outdoor barefoot in traditional costume Tahiti French Polynesia South Pacific Luxury overwater villas on blue lagoon, white sandy beach and Otemanu mountain at Bora Bora island, Tahiti, French Polynesia
4K AERIAL: Flying above beautiful lush green jungle with palm trees and dense acacia trees growing on big mountains on tropical island in sunny summer Tropical vacation paradise island with overwater bungalows resort in coral reef lagoon ocean by beach. Aerial video of Moorea, French Polynesia, Tahiti, South Pacific Ocean. Aerial - Rotating and raising above beautiful young woman floating in crystal clear waters SLOW MOTION HALF UNDERWATER CLOSE UP: Beautiful tropical island with tall palm trees on white sandy exotic beach and amazing crystal clear blue ocean lagoon CLOSE UP: Big waves crash into the black volcanic rocks on the remote shore of Easter Island. Cinematic shot of a deep blue ocean swell violently splashing over the rocky coast of an exotic island. Whale is a stock motion graphics video that shows a photo-realistic humpback whale swimming diagonally, passing beside the camera. This overlay animation has an alpha channel Polynesian girls in traditional grass skirts and flower headdress dancing hula style while entertaining barefoot outdoors Tahiti French Polynesia South, Pacific, SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP UNDERWATER: Young couple, man and woman on romantic honeymoon diving, snorkeling and swimming underwater in beautiful lagoon, exploring tropical reef with exotic fish Aerial slow motion: Woman walking on white sand beach turquoise water tropical coastline Pasir Panjang Kei Islands Indonesia Moluccas Maluku Indonesia scenic travel destination Large group of grey reef sharks in backlight on a coral reef in tahiti, french polynesia AERIAL: Golden evening sun shining on paradise island disappears behind the clouds and horizon. Spectacular view of tall palm trees, tranquil ocean water and breathtaking sunset in French Polynesia. SLOW MOTION HALF UNDERWATER: Young diver man snorkeling and swimming underwater, exploring tropical reef with beautiful colorful exotic fish in crystal clear lagoon ocean in French Polynesia POV Swimming With Whales. Mother and Calf Humpback Whales in Hawaii. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Awesome male surfer rides a beautiful emerald barrel wave on a perfect day for surfing in sunny Tahiti. Young surfboarder enjoying catching perfect waves in French Polynesia. Travel influencer visiting famous destination on Bora Bora. Vacation woman on paradise motu beach on holidays in French Polynesia Girl on luxury travel in overwater bungalow resort hotel in Tahiti. Woman in blue bathing suit swimming underwater in slow motion SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Big powerful Teahupoo tube wave breaking and splashing over the island reef, water drops spraying in the wind in sunny summer
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