Pond Stock Video Footage

This stock video features an aerial drone shot from right featuring a waterfall. This waterfall in a Hawaiian jungle is surrounded by an assortment of palm trees ending into a pond. Reeds Sway On Wind And Sun Rays.Wild Grass Sway From Wind Against Sky.Reed In Meadow Sways.Grass Blowing On Nature Autumn Field .Fall In Herb Meadow On Pond Countryside.Nature Windy Day.Golden Sunset. Water turbine use treatment wastes water increases oxygen by motor electric energy for return the fresh air to nature bird eye view from drone camera video 4k Waterfall with maple trees in Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park green summer peaceful zen lake pond water and green trees in London, UK with nobody Flight over Toplitzsee (Toplitz lake) and Kammersee mountain lakes, in Salzkammergut, Styria, Austria. Thoughtful old man sitting near a pond in a  vibrant, beautiful garden with soft natural lighting. Medium to close up shot on 4k RED camera. Koi fish or carp fish swimming in pond. It golden red orange and yellow of body koi fish. The surface ripples while the carp fish swim in the pond. It more colorful varieties in outdoor pond or garden Echo Park Fountains with view of Downtown Los Angeles Autumn in the Park, Trees and Grass Slow motion woman drinking water on her own hands Asian common water monitor large varanid lizard native to Asia. Varanus salvator on the green grass near riverbank, lake or pond. Carnivore Reptile hunting. Wild dragon predator on Bangkok street. Lots of tilapia in the pond. Fighting over food Lots of tilapia in the pond. Fighting over food Aerial drone shot of raised bog pond and islands in fog during sunrise Waterfall close up slow motion, Skogafoss Iceland Time lapse footage of white water lily flower opens and closes with zoom effect . Accelerated fast HD video Nymphaea blooming in the pond is surrounded by leaves Light stretched clouds over evening sky, lake sunset skies time lapse shot. Sun disk ahead, hide behind dense stripe of clouds, move down to horizon line. Reflex on flat water Close up hands touching water refreshing stream flowing fresh river splashing sustainability concept Landscape architect working on a garden design plan Oil drops and ripple. Drops of oil falling in pond and making ripple. Slow motion.
Time lapse  footage. Opening beautiful water lily flowers in the lake. Lotus, nymphaea reflection in the pond
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