Pupil Stock Video Footage

Blue eye extreme close-up of iris and pupil dilating and contracting. Very finely detailed, modeled from real human eye structures. Other eye colors available. Red pixel eye symbol on glitch lcd led screen display background animation seamless loop ... New quality universal close up vintage dynamic animated colorful joyful cool video footage Close up macro blue eye opening human iris natural beauty Extreme close up human eye iris
Human eye iris contracting. Extreme close up.
Eyes closeup. Man sees at sunset / Slow motion School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school Eyes close up. the man watches a sunset. Beautiful Blue Eye Opening Up And Closing As Pupil Contracts And Dilates Macro Close Up Shot 4K Life Existence Concept Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors Elementary school kids chasing football in a field Concepts on blackboard at school. Young people, students and pupils in classroom. Smart hispanic girl writing math formula on board during lesson. Portrait of female child smiling, looking at camera
4k Fireworks energy particle firecracker explosion background,pupil eye,galaxy cluster explosion power science fiction space. 3898_4k Close up beautiful blue eye opening human iris macro natural beauty Extreme close up human eye iris
Four Friends Are Going to School. They Have A Lot of Fun Because Today is Their First Day at School. Close-up Macro Shot of male Human blue green Eye Blinking 4k of African school students / pupils using tablet computer during lunch break at school. 4k close view of pupils in classroom of African children writing English in school notebooks. Close-up shot of a woman opening her blue eyes with light day make-up and focusing them. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Female green eye close up extreme macro zoom in iris.HD real time extreme close up shot of the wide open human eye of a female.Big zoom in,eye blinking.
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