Purified Stock Video Footage

Global water crisis, polluted water in human hands. contamination of water, water scarcity, toxic pollution of lakes and rivers. natural resources, environmental problems, groundwater, ecology, earth Healthy young lady holding glass drinking fresh transparent pure filtered mineral water, adult woman hydrating thirst keep diet nutrition weightloss health care natural balance concept, close up view Drop of Water - Slow Motion Engineers are having a discussion at the wastewater cleaning site. Wastewater treatment concept. Pure Water Poured Into Glass Closeup Aerial view. A group of women and girls carrying stuff on their heads, Mbale, Uganda Flyover of a water treatment plant facility Professional video of blue underwater bubbles rising to surface in slow motion 250fps The new plastic bottles on the conveyor belt at the drinking water factory. Aerial view above Water circle pool with pumping station in Gujarat, India. Purified drinking water supply. Purification and treatment facilities. Industrial wastewater cleaning infrastructure UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: Children fetching dirty drinking water for both domestic and animal use. African children using a large bottle to fill water from a dirty water source Bubbles rising up. Boiling water, closeup. Isolated black background. Shot on the cinema camera RED Dragon. UHD. 240 fps Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant at sunset, filtration of dirty or sewage water Smudging sage by holding up a small smoldering bundle of sage to purify the area and promoting physical, emotional and mental health - slow motion Water line splashing,water splash isolated on clean background,water Aerial top view of round polls in wastewater treatment plant, filtration of dirty or sewage water A group of women and girls carrying water in yellow jerrycans on their heads Mbale, Uganda South Africa Wide aerial of water purification circle, clean drinking water. Ecosystem of filtration, fresh water and water management. Sewage treatment plant in the sun Close up aerial view of sewage treatment plant. Industrial and urban water treatment for big city from drone view. fresh water distribution to the human lives and industrial use. Pumping station. Cleaning clogged pores process 2D animation on white background. Blackheads removal, skin cleaning foam, skincare. For topics like cosmetology, cosmetics. Shrinking and minimaizing pores
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