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Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States Smiling middle aged old woman relaxing holding digital tablet reading e book sit on sofa at home, senior adult lady enjoying using computer pad apps browsing internet shopping on couch in living room Curious cute preschool kid girl using digital tablet technology device lying on carpet floor alone. Small child hold pad computer surfing internet play game at home. Children tech addiction concept In this close up type of shot you can see young woman holding Apple Ipad touch screen tablet device in her hands. She is scrolling the screen while searching for pictures or reading news feed online. Online learning, distance lesson, education at home, technology for kids. Boy with textbooks doing school homework and using digital tablet computer at home Young 20s guy using tablet with touching screen for internet surfing on-line and e-mail reading. Modern device or ipad with big monitor. Corporate office or comfortable wi-fi lounge at home indoors Young professional african businessman worker using digital tablet corporate software standing in office, smiling ethnic male manager working online on pad computer tech in modern company office Close up view of business woman holding digital tablet in hands using business apps typing studying online at home office, computer device for modern professional communication digital work concept A beautiful young woman studying in a happy and carefree library reading the book. Concept: educational, portrait, library, and studious, relax. Smiling senior elder 80s man using digital tablet computer pad modern tech relax on sofa. Happy retired old grandfather browse internet read e book in app chatting online with distance doctor at home. Old mature grandma nanny teaching cute small preschool granddaughter learning reading ebook on digital tablet. Two generation family grandparent and grandchild using pad device tech on floor at home Portrait of happy father and kids using a tablet on sofa in the evening in slow motion. Shot with RED camera in 8K. Concept of family entertainment, education, technology Portrait of happy father and daughter using a tablet on sofa in the evening in slow motion. Shot with RED camera in 8K. Concept of family entertainment, education, technology Teenage girl in bed playing a tablet in social internet in the dark light. Close up of little girl watching video on the digital tablet at night. Woman use of mobile phone at night Portrait of Young Woman Using Digital Tablet in Cafe at Night. 4K. Elegant businesswoman drinking coffee, reading news on tablet computer, using app, shopping, communicating in social media. A man in the kitchen while having breakfast and sipping tea or milk in the cup sends a message or calls with the tablet and smiles. Concept of: social network, message, technology. Young people reading news online, using app, texting on gadgetsin metro train Happy young woman relaxing at home sit on sofa holding digital tablet enjoying surfing internet study work shopping online using social media apps or playing game on modern tech device at home Attractive man at home using smartphone in kitchen sending message on social media smiling enjoying modern lifestyle wearing blue shirt 4k of African school students / pupils using tablet computer during lunch break at school.
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