Recycling Stock Video Footage

Outdoor portrait of woman activist with Save the Planet ecology poster. In background fighting people protesting against garbage pollution staying at dump in city outskirts. City Dump. The Bulldozer Moves Along the Landfill, Leveling the Garbage. Gulls Feeding on Food Waste Fly Over It. Aerial View Colorful, plastic garbage bins, with recycle logo on the front, stacked in a row against a clear blue sky background in an endless, loop. Symbol of recycling, waste sorting and saving the environment. Undewater Pollution In Focus. 4k Also Available in my other videos. Hawksbill Turtle with pastic bag Group of volunteers cleaning up white beach. The volunteer raises and throws a plastic garbage into the bag. Volunteering and recycling concept. Environmental awareness concept copy space The worlds most polluted beach, Plastic marine debris. Hand getting plastic bottles to dispose in garbage bag ready to recycle, waste management and plastic recycle Group of volunteers cleaning up beach. The volunteer raises and throws a plastic bottle into the bag. Volunteering and recycling concept. Environmental awareness concept copy space Young team of multiethnical volunteers cleaning up the beach at the lake. Safe ecology concept. 4K Aerial view of Solar Panels Farm (solar cell) with sunlight.Drone flight fly over solar panels field renewable green alternative energy concept in Thailand. Environmental pollution. Plastic bottles, bags, trash in river, lake. Rubbish and pollution floating in water. Slow motion Plastic bottles in a polluted river water. Aerial view, drone view Close up shot of young man picking up plastic bottles on the beach, slow motion Group of asian people cleaning up the beach with plastic bags full of garbage. People with environment and volunteering concept. 4k resolution. Front view of group of diverse schoolkids putting bottles in recycle container at desk in classroom. They are studying about green energy and recycle. Hand of boy watering a young plant tree growing on fertile soil in the morning light, Slow Motion. Conservation of Natural Resources. Planting the trees, protect nature, sustainability, sustainable Lots of trash in a recycling center. Recyclable garbage rotates in a special machine at a plant. SEMPORNA, MALAYSIA - CIRCA MAY 2018: Plastic bottles and bags pollution in the ocean. Environmental pollution problem Close up of volunteers sit and picking up garbage on the beach. Cleaner collecting garbage on the black sand beach into black plastic bag. Volunteers cleaning the beach. Tidying up rubbish on beach Recyclable plastic bottles are thrown in a blue recycle bin. Recycling concept.
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