Risk Stock Video Footage

Thoughtful concerned indian woman working on laptop computer looking away thinking solving problem at home office, serious woman search for inspiration make decision feel lack of ideas, close up view Fire show artist breathe fire in the dark at abandon building, slow motion. Fire in heart shape. Women jumping off boat into ocean two girls jump into clear blue water from sailboat enjoying active lifestyle summer holiday travel vacation adventure Graffiti girl artist woman painting wall with pink paint walking in city street confident rebellious female enjoying artistic expression with urban graffiti art Male driver sleeping behind the self-driving steering wheel of an autonomous autopilot driverless car. Man fell deeply asleep while driving along the countryside road in luxury all-electric vehicle Young man doing backflip cliff jumping into ocean at sunset Mountain Climber Man Reaching The Top Doing His Best. Closeup on Hand. HD, 1920x1080. Top view Mixed race group of people office small business start up company planning creative meeting using digital tablets showing financial data and graphs Aerial of a man silhouette climbing up the wall at amazing sunset. Young african man sitting on the couch, using smart phone for online shopping with credit card on living backround. Indoor. Aerial view smoke of wildfire Beautiful couple diving fearless into clear blue river water on active adventure travel vacation pov GoPro Woman helping another woman up a steep path giving a helping hand.  Women achievment, success, empowerment and strength. Young multi ethnic friends longboarding together riding skateboard cruising downhill on countryside road having fun enjoying relaxed summer vacation Beautiful woman painting wall with blue paint walking in city street independent female artist enjoying artistic expression with urban graffiti art Friends cliff jumping into the ocean at sunset Display stock market numbers in a street Sliding on an ice line. Snow drifting. DRIVING IN THE SNOW. Sport car racing on snow race track in winter. Driving a race car on a snowy road. Sports Woman With Smartwatch Climbing The Rock Having Workout In Mountains Medium panning low angle shot of workers installing solar panel on roof / Mapleton, Utah, United States Closeup of a male's hand stretching out and helping female friend reach the mountain top by pulling her up. POV of a man giving hand to a woman climbing on the mountain and helping her reach the top
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