Rotunda Stock Video Footage

Over Washington DC cityscape at night, Washington Monument and Capitol in distance. Shot in 2011. Rome Italy inside Pantheon looking up towards center of sphere hole in roof turning camera around and showing sunlight falling into temple to gods of ancient Rome now Roman Catholic church building 4k Drone view of Villa Barbaro in Maser - one of the most important Palladian Villas with Paolo Veronese frescoes A night time lapse view of traffic activity on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. with the Capitol Dome in the distance.  	Rome Italy Pantheon dome footage panning around the oculus showing the sky and the dome roof  this concrete coffered dome is poured into moulds the building is a popular tourist attraction in Rome Roundabout aerial top down view footage from above with vehicles circling around the traffic circle lane, France country side rural road, summer day, cars and trucks. 4K video Aerial North Carolina Raleigh July 2017 Sunny Day 4K Inspire 2 AUSTIN, TEXAS - 27 JAN 2019: Austin Texas State Capital building dome balcony to floor. Government of the American state of Texas. Downtown offices and chambers of legislator and Governor. Rotunda. Austin, Texas, USA at the Texas State Capitol. Aerial North Carolina Raleigh July 2017 Sunny Day 4K Inspire 2 US and Texas flags flying over Texas State Capitol building, Austin, USA Birmingham city centre, Rotunda, Bull Ring, Selfridges, Market.
View overlooking some landmarks in Birmingham, England city centre. Aerial view of rotunda of St. Peter and Paul in Stary Plzenec. Rotunda was built in 10th century, it is one of the oldest christian landmark in Czech republic, European union. Camera flight over. Rome Italy Pantheon famous tourist attraction zooming out from beautiful blue sky then showing oculus in roof and after showing the further concrete dome first looks like space travel leaving earth 4k Aerial View of the Government State Capitol Building in Austin, Texas Pond in an amusement park Yunost in Kaliningrad, Russia Day Hold ND golf country club stucco, tiled roof, Spanish style rotunda room arched windows, palms see person with clubs followed golf cart Aerial Drone shot from the Rotunda of Galerius in Thessaloniki city, Greece Dome over Jesus Christ empty tomb and rotunda in Jerusalem in the Holy Sepulcher Church. The Holy Sepulcher Church and Empty Tomb the most sacred places for all religious Christians Birmingham England City Centre Skyline Timelapse.
Timelapse of the towers, office blocks and hotels of Birmingham's city centre seen from Edgbaston. WASHINGTON, D.C. - Circa August, 2017 - A long establishing slow motion shot of the Capitol Dome on Capitol Hill as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue. Shot at 48fps.
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