Rub Stock Video Footage

Young chef clapping his hands filled with flour Washing machine washing clothes./ Washing clothes with laundry detergent. Extreme closeup of sleepy businesswoman working on computer at night, blinking and rubbing eyes to concentrate, financial graphs reflecting in her eyes, taken on Sony NEX700 + Odyssey 7Q Low angle shot of some spicy seasoning being rubbed into a piece of raw pork on a wooden surface with herbs in the foreground Group of business people during meeting in corporate conference room. A woman gets a headache and touches her temples. Medium shot Spa Massage Low Angle Shoulders. camera moves right over the shoulders of a spa client lying on her front receiving a back massage. Tired Middle Aged Man Works on a Laptop. He's Eyes Fatigued, He Temporarily Takes off His Glasses and Rubs His Eyes.His Apartment Looks cosy in Yellow Tones. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera Amazing cute happy child surprising, saying wow and rubbing color paint on his little hands on color handprints background 50fps" A scientist browsing through molecular structures on a touchscreen device, making a wiping gesture. Happy young couple enjoying an intimate moment, laughing a lot and man gently strokes his partner's hair Hand rub neck a cat on sofa Washing machine turning - front view Flock of pink flamingos flying on water surface tracking shot slow motion Cute couple calling their labrador dog to the couch at home in living room Close up of tired businessman sitting in the back seat of taxi cab, looking in the window then taking off his eyeglasses and rubbing chin Billboard poster advertising. Green screen wall for copy space advertising. Man erects billboard. Part of a series of artistic clips I'm calling 'Wall Street'. Business, overwork, deadline, vision and people concept - tired businesswoman in glasses working with laptop computer at office and rubbing eyes Cute Kitty Sitting on Young Man Shoulder and Rubs About His Beard. HD slow motion cat shot. Pink flamingos walking on water starts flying slow motion rio lagartos lagoon mexico Housewife disinfects and cleans kitchen surfaces around sink with a cloth in slow motion Neanderthal man warms his hands by the first bonfire in his cave
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