Rugged Stock Video Footage

Driving a Car on a Road in Norway Lofoten MACRO, DEPTH OF FIELD: Dry mud cracks shining in heat create an interesting landscape. Rugged rocky terrain providing no refuge for plants or animals. Global warming drying out once fertile land. Tropical Hawaiian Beach with Blue Ocean, Green Rainforest Mountains.  Secluded Hidden Beach in Paradise. Pray for Sex / Pray for Sets Beach - Blue sky, turquoise calm ocean water waves.  Oahu Hawaii. AERIAL, LENS FLARE: Scenic shot of 18 wheeler trucks and cars crossing Mojave desert at dusk. Golden evening sun rays shine on the traffic moving up and down the straight freeway in rural California. Driving a Car on a Road in Norway at dawn CLOSE UP: Big waves crash into the black volcanic rocks on the remote shore of Easter Island. Cinematic shot of a deep blue ocean swell violently splashing over the rocky coast of an exotic island. Static shot of the white cliffs and rugged coastline of Jurassic Coast near Dorset, UK Aerial shot orbiting an impressive rock formation with a river valley on background in Patagonia region, Argentina Close-up of a hand touching a wooden piece of furniture to feel its consistency and the precious material with which it was built. Concept of: love for nature, wood. Macro shot of a precious wood in which you can see the color, the wood grain, the knots and the high quality workmanship. Concept of: love for nature, wood, furniture. Bark of brown wood close-up rotates 4k. Tree pine or oak. Macro of a tree is like rocks taken from a quadcopter. Clear place for your text. Empty space for your title Copyspace logo to blank design. Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) grows up towards the surface of Monterey Bay, California. This fast growing algae dominates the temperate marine ecosystem from Alaska to Baja. Soldiers are Using Laptop Computer for Surveillance During Military Operation in the Desert. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Epic slow motion detail of top of Gavarnie Falls, Cirque de Gavarnie, Pyrenees, France. Black and white. Bears fighting in Natural Park Aerial Drone Shot Of Winding Road By Mountain In Remote Lebanon Slow motion, medium wide view of Dawes Glacier calving. Large chunks of jagged blue ice break from the face of the glacier and fall into the cold water of the fjord to form icebergs. Dawn, sunrise time lapse of the amazing matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps. the sky lights up in an incredible display of colour followed by the shadow lowering over the mountain Aerial View of Erdman Beach, Kaena Point Oahu Hawaii. Tropical blue ocean, dry steep mountain cliffs, blue skies with clouds. Sea waves on reef to white sand beach. Green foliage, 4K UHD drone. HALF-HALF, LENS FLARE: Female trekker crossing river rushing down rocky riverbed. Picturesque hike down mountain valley in soothing autumn sunlight. Cold river stream flowing down pebbles and rocks. Drone flight of rugged mountain scenery and surreal landscape of the Tuwaiq Escarpment and Edge of the World in Saudi Arabia
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