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Masked doctor walks down corridor with tests at Russian Moscow hospital at quarantine Aerial top down view of traffic jam on a car bridge and moving train. 4K video Aerial Drone Flight top down View of freeway busy city rush hour heavy traffic jam highway.  Aerial view of the vehicular intersection,  traffic at peak hour with cars on the road, over the bridge. Flying above the road and between cables of cable-stayed Russian bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus strait on the way to Russian island in Vladivostok. Amazing sunrise. Aerial A young excited woman in a panic runs away from her pursuer along a dark corridor. A flickering sign with Russian text above the doors: exit. A view of the Earth from through the porthole of a spaceship. International space station is orbiting the Earth. Space, earth, orbit, ISS. Closeup portrait of happy young man looking surprised. Positive human emotion Electric power station. Panorama of the interior of russian heat power plant. 4K Medical hands and syringes are being vaccinated to patients in the laboratory. Russia coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V. Covid-19 vaccination concept Ballerina dancing on stage, close-up of only hands with magic light on background, slow motion Cop cars are chasing an intruder's car in the rain. Outdoor front view of police traffic auto driving. Shot on the Russian Arm. Russian blue cat sitting in front of a rural window and watching birds, with beautiful fresh green vegetation around The airport employee carries out passport control of passengers going on board the aircraft. She looks at the passport and stamp the ticket
Unique aerial flight Red Square Moscow capital Russia. Winter snow holidays New Year celebration preparation. Saint Basil's Cathedral orthodox colorful church. Happy people walk. Day dramatic mood Kids on wheels cast long shadows.Cycling, roller skating and scootering Flying backwards, aerial ascending view of cable-stayed Russian bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus strait on the way to Russian island in Vladivostok, Russia. Morning, sunrise Small brown hamster lays down for rest in wheel Russian skipper at the helm controls of a sailing yacht during race. Graceful girl practicing ballet in the Studio, slow motion , performs the elements of dance A large crowd of people celebrate an ethnic holiday by a giant bonfire. Burning red hot sparks rise from large fire in the night sky. Belarusian Kupalle. Russian ethnic holiday Ivan Kupala in village. Car wheels riding on deep snow at winter season
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