Sanitation Stock Video Footage

People using the water pump East Africa Malawi 4k aerial view of Indian slum  in a situation of deteriorated, incomplete infrastructure, lacking in reliable sanitation services, supply of clean water, reliable electricity & other basic services. Aerial of a city's waste management sewage and water treatment plants Workers at conveyor sorting garbage at a recycling plant. Man hands using cosmetic liquid shampoo soap close up Microbiological laboratory work, petri dish HD PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI - DECEMBER 17, 2013: Unidentified boy drinking water at well in Port au Prince, Haiti.
Woman brushes teeth MASINDI, UGANDA - SEPTEMBER 2013: Happy African kids celebrate the installation of a new water well in their village Wide angle shot of a small local waste water treatment facility for organic pre-cleaning of sewage waters. Malawi - November 2016: Woman collecting water from an open well Phone falling into a toilet bowl.
Smart or mobile or cell phone making a splash as it lands in a toilet. Brooklyn, NY - June 2016: DSNY workers collect trash on a city street. New York Department of Sanitation is responsible for garbage and recycling collection, street cleaning, and snow removal. People using the water pump East Africa Malawi Water boiling with bubbles . Modern urban wastewater treatment plant. Women collecting water from borehole. India Toothbrush paste on toothbrush over pink background close up. Sequence. Man with rubber glove wipes cleaning detergent with large squeegee from window - housekeeping or cleaning industry concept Workers sorting garbage, waste to be processed in a recycling plant. Enviroment protection concept. Close up of female hands cleaning bathroom sink, hand new furniture
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