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Empty Corridor in a School. Zoom Out. Kids running to camera in school hallway, front view Long empty corridor of a large building, towards the exit. Passage through a long empty corridor to exit direction. First person view Zoom out Twelve o'clock White clock face beginning of time 11.10 am, Time lapse 25 minutes moving fast. Empty Corridor at a High School in Argentina. Zoom In. Long, Clean, Empty School Hallway with Blue Lockers and Reflective Floor Portrait of a young pretty brunette student girl in an high school hallway. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Portrait Of Female High School Student Standing By Stairs In College Building Children entering from school hallway to the classroom during recess, during school bell rings . Many Pupils Are Having Fun Before Lessons . Children running during bell ringing . High School Students And Staff Walking On Stairs Between Lessons In Busy College Building Excited pupils running down school corridor towards camera Empty School Hallway Lockers Rack Focus Lockdown of four excited laughing schoolgirls and schoolboys wearing uniform and backpacks jumping up and running along school hallway towards camera Blurred, out of focus shot of multi-ethnic teenage high school students walking in the hall of their school. ProRes file, shot in 4K UHD. Selective focus of miserable schoolboy in uniform sitting alone on floor in school hallway with head on knees crying and feeling lonely, chatting and laughing classmates in background Shot of a school hallway with metal lockers
Mutli-ethnic group of male and female students are walking in big corridor of university discussing study smiling and laughing talking to each other positively An Empty Corridor in a Public School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Zoom In. Mixed race teenage boy walks into focus in school corridor Children go out from classroom to the school hallway during recess during School bell rings . Many Pupils Are Having Fun After School Lessons.  Children going out during bell ringing . Dark highschool hallway full of lockers gimbal stabilized walkthrough.
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