Scum Stock Video Footage

Trash sorting machine working at a trash recycling plant. Garbage sorting conveyor on a waste recycling plant. Seaweed (algae) under microscope, magnification 100X Seaweed (algae) under microscope, magnification 400x Microscopic filamentous algae of the genus Spirogyra. Spirogyra is a genus of filamentous green algae in the order of the Zygnematales, named for the helix-shaped arrangement of chloroplasts Wikipedia Close up of frosty beer glasses  turning clockwise . Environmental pollution, water pollution, eutrophication of waters: algae green scum (filamentous alga, water blooming) in summer in sea. Formed from algae mat insulates water layer and killing living Toxic pollution on water river Seaweed (algae) under microscope, magnification 400x Tapping a beer in a bar - original footage, not color corrected. Inside a cave, Natural Park Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, in August 2015. Garbage sorting machine on a waste recycling plant. Wetland Lake Martin Winter Dead No Needles No Leaves Barren Green Scum Leafless Wetland Lake Martin Barren Drab No Leaves No Needles Dead Green Scum Chemical Discharges of. Chemical Waste Disposal Company. The flow of mixed colored liquid with water. Slow Motion 240 fps Dead fish Iron bacteria viewed underwater in a stream.  These microorganisms derive their energy by oxidizing dissolved ferrous iron. Resulting ferric oxide is insoluble, and appears as brown gelatinous slime. Red algae blooms in a sea in Japan Water drain Bubbles ascend in four glass jars full of beer with scum Blonde mixes coffee with scum by spoon in hands with vanish on nails
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