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Swimming sea turtle and sandy seabed. Underwater video from scuba diving with the turtles. Wild sea animal in the tropical ocean. Marine life in the shallow water. Swimming cute wild sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas) in the blue ocean. Underwater scuba diving with sea turtle. Exotic island vacation with snorkeling. Wildlife on the tropical coral reef. Atlantic Ridley sea baby turtles crossing the beach at sunrise. Newborn tiny turtles heading to the sea waters for the first time. Turtle hatchlings on the sands of the beach natural reserve. Sea turtle underwaer against colorful reef with ocean waves at surface water Green sea turtle entangled in a discarded fishing net. Sea turtle underwater swim slow motion with sun ocean scenery blue water A baby sea turtle could not hatch by itself  and got out by the biologist. This is not an ordinary scene since marine turtles hatch underground and leave their eggs under the sand. Dead Turtle on plastic bag Green Turtle, (Chelonia mydas) swimming on the reefs of the Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Little girl at aquarium watching sea turtle swimming in tank curious child having fun watching fish swimming kid looking at marine life in oceanarium aquatic habitat Hawksbill Sea Turtle is swimming and chases the camera probably seeing it's mirror image. Baby sea turtles are trying to reach to the sea after they hatch from their nests. They first had a long run on the sand and meet the waves into the sea or ocean. Freediver and turtle in natural habitat. Slow motion underwater contact of Beautiful girl swim next to wild underwater animals on surface of clear blue sea or ocean. Unique sea voyage, trip, travel. HD Hawaii Kauai slow motion static wide shot looking down on ocean waves swirling around rocks in lower frame with two sea turtles surfacing in left center frame Sea Turtle with Remorafish under shell slowly swimming in the water column. Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and Remora fish (Echeneis naucrates), Red Sea, Egypt Snorkeling lovely asian girl and turtle are swimming together. Freediver and contact with animals. The footage was shot with a professional underwater camera in super slow motion mode. Female Scuba Divers swimming with Green Sea Turtle. Coral Reef and crystal blue water. Shot full frame on a Sony A7III on the Great Barrier Reef. (Scuba Diving) Sea Turtle. Green Turtle Swimming To Dramatic Sunlit Sea Surface & Waves On Beautiful Colourful & Peaceful Rocky Coral Reef In Blue Sea Water. Graceful Aquatic Marine Turtle & Marine Life Underwater Young Sea turtle eats green sea grass on a sandy bottom, on background is blue water with sun rays. Camera zooming. Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Red Sea, Egypt Green sea turtle swimming against to my camera - PERFECT SHOT! A Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) on a tropical coral reef in the Philippines
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