Seedling Stock Video Footage

Farmer hands planting to soil tomato seedling in the vegetable garden. On the background a watering can for irrigation. Organic farming and spring gardening concept Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination Germinating Seed Growing in Ground Agriculture Spring Summer Timelapse Time lapse of vegetable seeds growing or sprouting from the ground.  Growing plants in timelapse, sprouts germination newborn cress salad plant in greenhouse agriculture Growing plants in spring timelapse, sprouts germination newborn cress salad plant in greenhouse agriculture Steadicam shot: Farmers - a man and a woman walking across the field at sunset. Carry a tree seedling, a watering can and a shovel. Concept - work in the garden, volunteering, a new life Hand of boy watering a young plant tree growing on fertile soil in the morning light, Slow Motion. Conservation of Natural Resources. Planting the trees, protect nature, sustainability, sustainable A happy family. Father and two sons plant and water the tree in the park at sunset. The concept of a happy family Growing green cucumber plant time lapse. Timelapse seed growing, Closeup nature agriculture shoot.  Vegetable sprouting from the ground. Seeding,Seedling,Male hand watering young plant over green background,seed planting Close up of little girl hands was carrying of new seedlings to be planting into the soil. Slow motion Plants growing time lapse Children's hands planting sapling on soil as the world's concept of rescue Researcher Wet Plant Seedling Biological Research Genetic Engineering Laboratory Scientist work with plant in test tubes in laboratory. Close up. Robotic arms looking after fresh, young, green plants in a vast, modern, foggy greenhouse. Soft, cold spotlights illuminate the leaves revealing their natural, vibrant, healthy color.
A close-up of vibrant green young corn plants, seedlings on dark brown fertile, moist soil. Corn field, warm spring day, growing corn in an agricultural field Plants Growing in Greenhouse Agriculture Time-lapse Beans Sprouts Germination Plant growing from soil time lapse - beginning new life Pepper Plant Growing Rotating to Sun Time Lapse Without Flickers
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