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Stage lights shining at studio. Seamless looping animation. Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Glittering Sparkling Particles Randomly Spin In The Air With Bokeh. White Dynamic Particles With Slow Motion. Particles Shimmering In Space Abstract gold liquid. Golden wave background. Gold background. Gold texture. Lava, nougat, caramel, amber, honey, oil. Confetti with alpha channel! Pre-keyed, background is transparent. Loopable. ProRes 4444 with transparency so you can put this confetti over top of anything. Shiny gold confetti fall, clears frame Moving lights optical lens flares shiny animation art background - new quality natural lighting lamp rays effect dynamic colorful bright video footage Shining sparkles creating a central circle with alpha that can be used as a nice abstract background with your logo or title. Abstract golden rotating particles. Golden glimmered seamless loop abstract motion background 10 Blue Particles Shockwaves Overlay Graphic Elements Abstract gold liquid. Golden wave background. Gold background. Gold texture. Lava, nougat, caramel, amber, honey, oil. Stars shine effect background on green screen animation. Christmas decoration. Abstract bronze paint . Shooting on a black background. Party vibes! Trendy, glam, modern looking, and loopable. Multi-color ticker tape style confetti over background. See portfolio for similar and much more! Flickering Particles, random motion of particles.On beatiful relaxing Background. Glittering Particles With Bokeh Seamless looping flowing particles with beautiful light effects. 30 seconds long and loops. Check out our portfolio for similar backgrounds and much more! Beautiful light leak lens flare Man silhouette back going to the light at night. Male silhouette going to bright light. Man silhouette walking to light in the darkness. Man open door light in dark. Escape concept Free stage with lights. Stage lighting background. Concert light. Multicolored motion gradient background. Seamless loop Winter Snow, falling snow isolated on black background in 4K to be used for composing, motion graphics, Large and small snow snowflakes, Isolated falling snow, Alpha, Ethereal, Intense, Storm Golden Confetti Party Popper Explosions on a Green and Black Backgrounds, Five Options. 3d animation, Full HD 1080. look for more options in my portfolio A set of effects with golden lights, sparks and flashes. Alpha channel.
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