Shirt Stock Video Footage

Stockbroker in white shirt is working in a dark monitoring room with display screens. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Confident male worker in shirt with a backpack commuting to a job. Smart handsome cyclist traveling by sustainable transport and living a healthy lifestyle. Portrait of attractive charming caucasian man smiling confident on calm seaside beach at sunset wearing blue shirt Handsome young man, is super connected to friends and family chats and texts on smartphone using messaging application, scrolls through feed on his cellphone, stays connected and up to date Beautiful young businesswoman wearing white shirt and using modern smart phone while walking at break in the city, professional female employer typing text message on cellphone outside, slow motion
A funny bearded man is riding a children's bicycle. Portrait of a smiling handsome middle aged man in living room in slow motion. Shot with RED camera in 8K. Concept of lifestyle, achievement, father A funny bearded man is riding a children's bicycle. Shocked happy ginger woman in t-shirt covering mouth and looking at the camera over turquoise background Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit. A female nurse or a doctor examining a woman. Slow motion. A playful handsome guy in a pink T-shirt and blue leggings is engaged in fitness depicting a girl. Slow motion Grandfather funny moments on colored backgrounds Happy carefree curly woman in denim shirt dancing and looking at the camera over yellow background Portrait of a woman who smiles and is happy, dressed in a shirt, in the background the warm lights of her house. Concept of: Portrait, woman, smile and women's day Male hand holding smart phone with green screen. Man using mobile phone while standing near window. Back view shot. Chroma key A closeup portrait of a smartly dressed young man smiling and looking into the camera. Evening lights in the background. Blurred background Attractive man at home using smartphone in kitchen sending message on social media smiling enjoying modern lifestyle wearing blue shirt Smiling mystery ginger woman in denim shirt holding crossed arms and looking at the camera over yellow background
Close up portrait of attractive young woman cooking in the kitchen and trying ingredients. Smiling at the camera. Confused african woman in t-shirt does not know something over blue background Rear of the blonde woman in the plaid blue shirt sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching TV with green screen, then changing channels with a remote control. Chroma key. Indoors
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