Siberia Winter Stock Video Footage

Alaskan travelers go to the top of a snowy hill and rejoice in victory against winter sunset. team work of people. business teamwork, victory and success. Tourists met on top of success. Man in the mittens smashes the ice on the ice. Slow motion. The camera moves behind the ice. A piece of ice is very beautifully broken about the icy with magical cracks. In the frame, a lot of Flight to the forest tundra in winter in the North of Western Siberia Time lapse of golden sunset over sharp rocky mountains covered with snow Frozen Lake Baikal, Aerial view. Beautiful winter landscape with clear smooth ice. Famous natural landmark Russia. Blue transparent ice with deep cracks, top view of a frozen lake.  (No color grading) Aerial video view from drone of a Sunrise over snowy winter road. Birch forest under hoarfrost in winter season. Siberia, Russia Passengers train Trans Siberian railway from tunnel. Frozen lake Baikal coast. Winter beautiful Holiday Russia. Sunny day snow field high rocks. Fast speed aerial drone 4k footage. AERIAL. Top view to the truck driving on the snow road in winter time. Delivery concept Drone following a white SUV car on ice. Blue sky and white snow. Beautiful winter landscape with snow covered lake Baikal surface. Travel concept. Copy space Winter epic pipes factory thick white smoke steam sunset dark silhouette  production chemical industry buildings cityscape. Ecology pollution exhaust. Russia north Siberia 4k Drone forward Beautiful pine trees forest cowered in snow. Early morning first warm light. Unique aerial drone shots in frizzing cold winter. North Siberia. Flight inside the forest close forward move People tourist walk go on smooth surface. Picturesque Lake Baikal Cracks blue glossy clear ice hummocks snow snowdrifts. Best North Russia Asia. Winter sunny day blue sky. Aerial Approach. In first-person view train locomotive drives forward out of old dark arched stone tunnel. Winter snowy natural landscape ahead. Railroad travel. Abstract Russia Siberia Transsib railway. Baikal lake Drilling a gas well in the tundra in the Yamalo-Nenets district of Russia Landscape of the forest-tundra and the sandy river bank, bird's eye view.Arctic Circle, tunda. Beautiful landscape of  tundra from a helicopter.  Moving along frozen woods, winter cold countryside landscape, snow and ice. Pov tracking shot from train window. Road in the winter forest. Heavy snowfall. Aerial View. Scenic blue clear transparent ice Lake Baikal. Smooth surface deep cracks. Tourists people walk travel. Cinematic  High mountains snow cliff. Best Russia Buryatia. Winter day blue sky. Aerial Above Time lapse of Ice hummocks. Lake Baikal. Siberia. People living in yurts In Arctic in the middle of field, people wearing a traditional fur , reindeers are beside them , typical day on the tundra The car is on a snow-covered highway.
Heavy truck with trailer carries cargo. 
Winter road with a gusty wind and a snowstorm, slow motion.
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