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Baikal lake in winter with cracked blue ice. Flight above transparent ice of Cape Khoboy in Olkhon island. Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Beautiful winter landscape at sunrise. Aerial drone view. 4k Flying around smoking chimney typical wooden authentic Russia house Listvyanka Siberia village. Traditional stove heating, winter snow covered roof at scenic orange sunrise. Atmosphere of rural life Aerial forward Epic winter snow-covered mountain tundra Buryatia, Siberia abstract natural landscape. Roads through wild untouched terrain, off-road. Hills shaman's way. Reserve. Open space, horizon Aerial video view from drone of a Sunrise over snowy winter road. Birch forest under hoarfrost in winter season. Siberia, Russia Urban landscape in blue colors with heavy snowfall on the street. Houses, people and roads in winter. Blizzard, snowstorm and big snowflakes falling from the sky. Cold freeze weather. Poor visibility. Alaskan travelers go to the top of a snowy hill and rejoice in victory against winter sunset. team work of people. business teamwork, victory and success. Tourists met on top of success. Flight to the forest tundra in winter in the North of Western Siberia Russia Siberia 20 January 2020: Aerial old steam locomotive, engine rides on railroad releases thick clouds of steam from pipe. Winter snowy nature. Historical Soviet Union Trans-Siberian railway film Frozen lake Baikal, Cape Burhan Shaman rock near the village of Khuzhir, Olkhon island. Beautiful winter landscape. Famous natural landmark of Russia. Blue ice with deep cracks. (No color grading) A drone flies over a pipeline, a gas pipeline at an oil and gas field in Siberia. Natural gas reserves in Russia or Canada. Rising gas prices in the world. Flight over the pipeline in winter. Blizzard and strong snow windstorm in Altai Kuray mountain range in winter season. Blowing snow over frozen mountains ground. Siberia, Russia Aerial video view from drone of a Sunrise over snowy winter landscape. Birch forest under hoarfrost in winter season. Camera pointed down. Siberia, Russia.
 Moving along frozen woods, winter cold countryside landscape, snow and ice. Pov tracking shot from train window. Siberia, Russia- january 22 2020: aerial steam locomotive train engine rides through picturesque winter heavy snow blizzard nature, releases steam clouds of smoke from chimney railway railroad. Baikal Man in the mittens smashes the ice on the ice. Slow motion. The camera moves behind the ice. A piece of ice is very beautifully broken about the icy with magical cracks. In the frame, a lot of Flight top down team of sled dogs quickly travels through winter snow-covered forest, tundra. North polar expedition. Incredible historical transport dog riding. Overcome, strength, adventure Stock 4k Landscape of the forest-tundra and the sandy river bank, bird's eye view.Arctic Circle, tunda. Beautiful landscape of  tundra from a helicopter. People living in yurts In Arctic in the middle of field, people wearing a traditional fur , reindeers are beside them , typical day on the tundra Snow is flying over surface of ice. Snowflakes fly on ice of Lake Baikal. Ice is very beautiful with unusual unique cracks. Snow sparkles and glows in red. Shooting slow motion 60fps. Picture at Low flying aerial over a house in a winter forest by a still frozen lake at sunset in Senja, Norway Dramatic frozen cracked Lake Baikal ice, snowstorm blizzard, snow strong wind stream. Winter cloudy natural landscape. North cold atmospheric movie. Siberia Russia extreme expedition. Aerial forward
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