Singaporean Stock Video Footage

Team of asian business people meeting in modern office conference room Happy asian family with two children walking on a bridge outdoors in city park Young asian business man looking at cellphone while walking on street in modern city Asian family with two children having fun with outdoor activity in park Happy senior asian couple exercising running outdoors Happy three generation asian family sitting on grass outdoors taking a selfie Group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room Asian father and son playing soccer for fun outdoors in park while mother and daughter watching from behind Asian boss delivering a speech during team meeting in modern office Asian family with two children sitting on grass talking relaxing outdoors on in park at sunset Group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room Successful young asian woman walking in central business district  in modern city Loving old asian couple walking talking outdoors in park Three generation asian family walking talking relaxing outdoors in park Rear view of a mature asian business man standing by the window in office looking out at modern buildings Rear view of a team of asian business people ascending stairs Little asian girl riding bike with full protective gears outdoors in park while parents watching from behind Young asian doctor telling senior couple test result in hospital corridors Rear view of loving asian senior couple standing by a river looking at sunset Young asian physical therapist working with senior man on walking using a walker in rehab center or nursing home Asian business associates shaking hands and talking in the street in downtown of modern city
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