Sink Stock Video Footage

Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash hands with soap warm water rubbing fingers washing frequently or using hand sanitizer gel. Protection and disinfection against coronavirus (COVID-19). Dad washes a small child's hands with soap over the sink with running water. Personal hygiene Doctors in masks wash their hands thoroughly before surgery in quarantine Hand washing to prevent coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) infection . Hands of woman wash their hands in a sink with foam to wash the skin and water flows through the hands. Concept of health, cleaning and preventing germs and coronavirus from contacting hands Camera tracks across frame as male plumber fixes leaky pipe on bathroom sink - shot in slow motion Young caucasian mother with her daughter is having fun splashes each other water in the kitchen and wash the vegetables for ready to cook salad for lunch, slow motion Young people and body care. Person rinsing hands in modern design bathroom at home. Man washing male hand with soap and water under faucet in hotel room during travel. Slow motion Authentic shot of little girls sisters daughters having fun to helping their mother washing plate in a kitchen on a sunny day. SLOW MOTION, MACRO, DOF: Yellow droplet of sunflower oil falls into a sink full of water. Detailed slow motion shot of a shiny drop of oil creating a ripple after falling into a body of cold water. Baby Reaches for Faucet Water Rack Focus to Face. focus on baby's hand reaching under stream of water from the faucet then racks focus to the baby's face in awe of the water
Baby in Awe of Water Stream from Sink Faucet. a stream of water pouring out of the faucet and baby looks at the water in amazement slow motion
Close up of female lathering hands with soap before washing 
Slow motion of a woman washing her face through a glass. detail from the bottom of a woman washing her face Living Room Walk Through to Kitchen Lower Angle. view moves through living room into kitchen open floor concept in modern home Hand turning modern black granitte tap on and off Side shot of mother's hands helping her child wash hands at home Kitchen with wooden and minimalistic interior design Luxury White Bathroom Interior With Beautiful View Corona virus travel prevention man showing hand hygiene washing hands with soap in hot water for coronavirus germs spreading protection. Using soap dispenser. Close up of Asian women Cleaning hands with white soap bubbles on blue background. Hand washing demonstration for virus protection. Concepts of hygiene and prevention of COVID 19
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