Skate Board Stock Video Footage

Beutiful and soft pink pastel lighning at winter time. Following camera with close up on skater legs, skating his longboard in city street into sunset Young multi ethnic friends longboarding together riding skateboard cruising downhill on countryside road having fun enjoying relaxed summer vacation Unconventional millennial hipster extreme sports athlete with tattoos rides longboard on boardwalk next to beach during twilight sunset hour, enjoys youth and freedom Close up of skater skateboarder man doing 360 kickflip heelflip flip trick in slow motion jump, ollie, city street park young professional man Young style woman down the road on a skateboard with red smoke in sunny summer day Skateboarders riding down hill into the sunset Young man dressed like hipster with red sunglasses walks with a skateboard on his shoulders across the square Silhouette of skater on skateboard jumping over sunset sky at Venice Beach skate park, California. Slow motion. Top view handheld shot of man in white sneakers or skaters shoes rides longboard on asphalt or city tarmac Silhouette of a girl skating on a skateboard on a deserted highway at sunset. slow motion. Close-up skateboarder boy riding outdoor SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Skateboarder skateboarding and jumping ollie flip trick and falling down on concrete street. Skateboarder jumping kickflip trick with skateboard falling and crashing Hipster businessman wear a hat and glasses skateboarding near business office CLOSE UP SLOW MOTION DOF skateboarder skateboarding, jumping ollie flip trick on promenade along the coast on sunny day. Skateboarder jumping kickflip trick with skateboard on the beach Skateboarder grabs his board in mid air during a jump, in slow motion Old man with a cane riding on a skateboard. Smiling woman sitting on a longboard while her friend is pushing her behind and running during sunset. Enjoying life. Lens flare. Slowmotion shot Woman skateboarding at sunrise. Legs on the skateboard, moves to success Afro Brazilian girl skateboarding (Slow Motion) Fashionable rider in hipster red plaid shirt and black jeans just skates on his longboard at twilight time with beautiful paster lightning, camera follows him Aerial, scenic and dramatic shot of tiny small teenager girl is skating on her longboard on rooftop at sunset, drone flies toward and away to show industrial gentified district at summer evening
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