Smart Phone Tracking Stock Video Footage

High Angle Shot of a Crowded Pedestrian Crossing in Big City. Augmented Reality of Social Media Signs, Symbols, Location Tracking and Emojis are Added to People. Future Technology Concept. Woman use of smart phone with green screen, chroma key A pretty young woman using her smartphone on the couch, texting while relaxing, 4K slow motion Closeup of feet of female runner getting ready tying running shoes with smartwatch, earphones and phone for music motivation for cardio workout training on athletic track in outdoor gym. Mock-up for Tracking or Watching Content Close-up. Modern Life of Caucasian Lady Indoors House. Swiping Left and Center Click for Web Surfing of Store. Pov or Point of View to News Message for Reading Over shoulder view on african american man holding a black smart phone vertically with green screen and tracking motion. Chroma key. Patterned background Greenscreen Mockup for Tracking or Watching Advertising Video Content or News Blog Closeup. Casual Life or Relax of Beautiful Caucasian 20s Hipster in Room Interior. Point of View for Surfing or Work NEW YORK - April 5, 2017: Close-up hand holds touches phone with vertical green screen office communications finger green screen message motion phone sms text touch watching Shot on RED Epic Camera 16 Hand gestures. Touchscreen. Female hand showing multitouch gestures in green screen. MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Black smart phone in caucasian male hands being held vertically. Fingers scrolling on it. Green screen. Chroma key. Tracking motion. Wooden office desk with cup of tea background. Close up Tracking Mockup for Watching Advertising Content Closeup. Modern Relax Life of Beautiful Adult Hipster in Room. Legs and Point of View to Shopping Surfing. Swiping Up or Down, Left or Right and Click Bangkok, Thailand October 24, 2016 : Smart Phone held by woman hands. Green screen Chroma Key. Close up. Tracking motion. Vertical. White background. 6 Female hand holding the newest smartphone on green screen. The last phone model.  You can track it easily putting the trackers on the screen corners. Close up shot of man hands holding smart phone with green screen on the city street background. Chroma key An attractive female runner using  fitness tracker and heart rate monitor app while jogging. Shot on RED Epic. Businessman using his smart phone - tracking shot Girl Using Tablet PC with Green Screen. Shot on RED Digital Cinema Camera in 4K (ultra-high definition (UHD)), so you can easily crop, rotate and zoom.
Easy for tracking and keying.
ProRes HQ codec.

22 Hand gestures + 2 mobile phone shots. Touchscreen.
Female hand showing multitouch gestures in green screen. You can insert your own videos or photos. MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. 
3d Smartphone motion showing design with blue on screen and green screen background for color matte.Black Phone Blank blue Screen.Smart Phone Isolated on green Background

Smart Phone Held by Hand Green screen Chroma Key Tracking Motion Horizontal. Person Sitting Telephone on the Hand Swipe Down-Up Animation Type Zoom. Calm happy young woman in headphones chilling sitting on sofa with eyes closed listening to favorite music holding phone using mobile online player app enjoy peaceful mood wearing earphones at home
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