Snow Covered City Street Cars Stock Video Footage

Falling snow in residential area at night. City courtyard night view in blizzard. Night town street with burning street lamps and snow covered parked cars during snowing Aerial Tracking Shot of Snow Blanketing Suburbs of Dallas During Historic Winter Storm Tracking cars driving on two lane city street. Fresh snow coats trees in urban town in USA. Residential housing and sidewalks. Aerial truck shot. Drops of melted snow on the side window of the car. Out of focus snow-covered city streets with car traffic The strong snowfall in the night in Helsinki, Finland. Snow-covered city street. Night time view of snow falling on the street. Street covered with snow. vehicle parked on street. street light reflecting on snow. Snow-covered city center of Minsk from a height. Belarus The car drives through the parking lot covered with white snow after a blizzard. Aerial view of a city street and standing vehicles as snowdrifts. Sudden precipitation, sharp climate change. UHD 4K. Aerial view snow-covered road with cars in winter. Clip. Aerial view on city in winter day. City panorama with straight road covered with snow from a bird eye view. Winter city streets from a bird eye Top down aerial of snow covered city street in USA. Aerial truck shot of narrow street between residential housing apartment buildings. On a snow-covered city road, after a blizzard, a bus and a car are going. Aerial view of the roadway and passing vehicles. Sudden precipitation, sharp climate change. UHD 4K The car is driving through a snow-covered city. There are large drifts of snow on the edges of the curb. In the background, gray winter sky and snowfall. Russia, Goryachiy Klyuch, February 5, 2022 Cars under street lamps covered in deep snow winter blizzard Reykjavik Iceland Two pedestrians walk along a snow-covered city street Aerial drone view of Main Street, Park City, Utah, USA which is a shopping high-street with cars parked on both sides through mountain city on a cold winter evening. Snow covered vehicle, side view. night city street after snowfall. snow—É car parked by the road side. red car in snow stands at the winter road edge. after blizzard winter evening scene Aerial shot of Bonn city at night in winter. Snow covered city at night. city lights at night, German-city covered in snow, night drone shot of city at-night covered in snow. There is smoke coming from the chimney of the power plant. Cars drive through the streets of the city. After the snowfall, a snow cover has formed in the city There is a blizzard in the city in winter. Snow covers roofs, streets and parked cars. The wind shakes the branches of the trees Snow covered car evening winter city street after blizzard. cold dark time parked vehicles. snow on cars, trees and ground surface. yellow warm bokeh lights. frosty season. winter snowy weather. View from the car in the side rear view mirror. The car is driving through a snow-covered city. In the background are trees and snowfall
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