Startled Stock Video Footage

Four options of startled crows taking flight and flying away off-screen, with green background. Each flock differs in number of birds and how they fly away. Close up of Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) eye WILDLIFE black animal design seagull flying on Green screen Slow motion shot of pigeons flying on green screen and on white isolated on a green background in studio shot background flying butterflies Little baby girl rolling on moving robot vacuum cleaner while cleaning home Flock of birds flying green screen like video clips Funny baby girl sitting on spinning robot vacuum cleaner while cleaning room Young man at the movie theatre watching a scary movie. Reacts with shock and a large gasp. Slow motion Portrait of young cheerful woman sitting on sofa, eating popcorn while watching favorite romantic tv show and clapping her hands with excitement and joy. Teenage boy woken by alarm clock turns off alarm before hiding under his blanket Sleeping guy falling from couch Man sitting on the edge of a sofa amazed and astonished by what he is watching. Deer cross the road Little girl baby with pleasure riding on a robot vacuum cleaner in children room Flock birds isolated startled crows taking flight flying away white screen flock birds flies left-right along horizon,Flock sparrows flight compositing onto your footage alpha matte Slow motion loop Silhouetted man hands scratch glass, horror movie style shot. Two palms scratch nails over thick glass, trying to get inside room. Scary scene of nightmare A parakeet startles his friends off of their perch, then takes aim and poops on them while they are down Over one hundred sea gulls and black skimmer sea birds taking off in to flight once startled on beach at Clam Pass near Naples, Florida Man looking out the window through the blinds to the street, spying. suspected Giraffe bends down to drink water then slips in mud, gets afraid, and stands up startled. Shocked elderly bald man reacting startled and anxious, hold hands on head and nervously staring camera something bad, witness accident, distressed with concerning awful situation, pink background Crows sitting in a tree then flying off.
Some crows in the branches off a tree are startled and fly off.
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