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Following Shot of Professional Factory Worker Wearing Hard Hat Holds Tablet Computer, Walking Thorugh Modern Industrial Manufacturing Facility Golden Gate Bridge. Aerial of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in a misty day. View from top to bottom. Aerial. Drone. California, USA. 4k Follow footage of factory worker in a hard hat that is walking through industrial facilities. Shot on RED Cinema Camera. Robotics work in production line of 3d printer parts at factory Aluminium stainless steel titanium metal background texture Robotic Arm Assembling 3d Printer On Conveyor Belt Process of production of pills, tablets. Industrial pharmaceutical concept. Factory equipment and machine. Steel. Realistic 4k animation. Two young engineers walking through construction site , background big crane , they wearing safety equipment. red epic Industrial worker welding of metal structures, welder man male worker soldering steel beam structure on new building on construction site. welder working. Sparks fly as one welder welds steel. builder 03014 Animation of an offshore oil platform. Fly-through shot. Metallurgist Job Worker In A Steel Plant Hot Molten Metal Pouring. Blast Furnace Steel Production Steel Works. Pouring Hot Liquid Metal From Furnace Metallurgical Plant. Worker Heavy Industry Factory. CIRCA 1950 - Steel sheets are packaged and delivered to another factory, where they are cut and molded into saucepans. 3D Rendering jet engine, close-up view jet engine blades. 4k animation .blacksmith or welder,with its grinding smooths steel and iron,in extreme slow motion,to make the surface smooth.The grinding wheel contact with the iron causes sparks.concept:work,locksmith industry. Cut sheet metal at workshop. Modern tool in heavy industry. Dangerous job. High precision manufacture of steel parts. Automation of process indoors. Automatic work for ironwork. Close up computer cnc Team of workers at a heavy industry factory have a conversation while looking at a blueprint. Shot on RED Cinema Camera. Process of production of pills, tablets. Industrial pharmaceutical concept. Factory equipment and machine. Steel. Realistic 4k animation. Portrait of Professional Heavy Industry Engineer / Worker Wearing Safety Uniform, Goggles and Hard Hat Smiling. In the Background Unfocused Large Industrial Factory where Welding Sparks Flying Engineer in hardhat is moving through a heavy industry factory with a tablet computer. Is greeting a worker with a handshake. Shot on RED Cinema Camera. Pouring coffee stream from professional machine in cup. Barista man making double espresso, using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning. SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Female running in green park in small suburban town with tall buildings in the background. Girl jogging across steel bridge leading above heavy traffic highway at golden sunrise
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