Steep Stock Video Footage

Aerial view of foggy rainforest. Flight over of jungle Close up detail of running clock or watch machinnery on a bluebackground. Copy space available and suitable for time concepts as time goes by, Daylight saving time or growing old. EUROPE IN LOCKDOWN - A busy carriageway of an European capital is deserted, following the steep rise in the number of cases of CORONAVIRUS  COVID-19 infections, with a dramatic impact on social life Drone is flying along an athletic man pedalling an MTB E-bike up a steep grassy hill. Beautiful view of the mountains at sunrise/sunset with sun flare. Alone in nature, thinking about life. Hiking group in snowy mountains Close up shot of woman legs hiking steep terrain on field, slow motion Woman helping another woman up a steep path giving a helping hand.  Women achievment, success, empowerment and strength. Tower of power lines in the forest. Electric tower line in Landscape view with Electricity and environmental problem concept. Ariel view High voltage power pylons.
Skier skiing on ideal ski slope in big mountains on sunny day behind camera. Winter outdoor activities. Slow motion, 2K RAW footage, 2704x1520 Close up of women legs hiking steep terrain in slow motion. Feet in Hiking Boots Walking on Autumn Road. woman feet tracking on fall day outdoors, walking through woodland Extreme male skier riding off piste jumps and crashes into the fresh powder snow covering the mountain. Active tourist on vacation skiing in the freshly fallen snow slams and rolls down the hill. Drought. Climate change.Climate emergency.Global warming.Spectacular epic aerial view of endless sand dunes of the Namib desert Namibia Hiking in the snow. hikers walking. foot feet steeps. snow winter landscape. sports recreation activity. holiday vacation tourism. people persons male silhouette. fly over. aerial Happy male gently caressing old dog in field on sunset Foot feet steeps. hiking walking. slow motion. snow winter landscape. recreation activity. holiday vacation tourism. people persons. outdoors sports One Man downhill skier slowly down the ideal ski slope. Skiing on the track against the backdrop of picturesque snow-capped mountains. Winter outdoor activities. Slow motion, 2K RAW footage, 2704x1520 Dawn, sunrise time lapse of the amazing matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps. the sky lights up in an incredible display of colour followed by the shadow lowering over the mountain Close up of women legs hiking steep terrain in slow motion Aerial shot epic mountain ridge. View from the plane to the surface of the earth with a mountain landscape of the Himalayas, view of Mount Everest. Aerial shot of ocean waves crashing coastline cliff, steep - Socorro Island
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