Stratosphere Stock Video Footage

Beautiful Sunrise over the Earth. View from Space Satellite. Cities at Night. Changing from Night to Day 3d Animation Rising Shining Sun. Modern Business and Technology Concept. 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160. Sunny blue sky, nature white clouds. Beautiful colours in horizon. Time lapse. Building motions clouds. Puffy fluffy white clouds sky time lapse. slow moving clouds. B Roll Footage Cloudscape timelapse cloudy. footage timelapse nature 4k. background worship christian concept. Earth from space. The camera flies away from the Earth. Stars twinkle. Flight over the Earth. The horizon is turned to the right. 4K. Sunrise. Realistic atmosphere. 3D Volumetric clouds. Space Nebula blue background 4k video moving stars space background rotation nebula Animation of the night to day transition on Planet Earth. Elements of this media furnished by NASA.
Earth from space. Stars twinkle. No sun in the frame. Flight over the Earth. 4K. Sunrise. The earth slowly rotates. Realistic atmosphere. 3D Volumetric clouds. The camera 36mm moves forward. Realistic dry ice smoke clouds fog overlay perfect for compositing into your shots. Simply drop it in and change its blending mode to screen or add. Beautiful cirrus clouds moving across a summer blue sky. It can also be used as a transitional video, a meditative video, or for nature-related projects. Slowly moving white cirrus cloud turn to angel & wing formation in horizon on tropical summer or spring bright blue wispy sky at sunny day morning sunlight, beautiful relaxing cloudscape TimeLapse Stunning footage of aerial view above clouds from airplane window with blue sky. view from the airplane window to the blue sky and white clouds. ravelling by air background. Real time footage Earth rotating on axis in space with stars - 4K seamless loop - realistic world globe spinning slowly - full rotation - all the way around. Elements furnished by Nasa Moving clouds in horizon in summer sunny clean blue skies & white building, formating cloudscape in horizon, relaxing beautiful season. after thunderstorm, rainy day.  UHD. Aerial shot above the clouds in 4K Beautiful View of Earth from space. Sunrise. Flight over the Earth. 4K. The camera moves forward. 3D Animation. Timelapse of Blue sky background with tiny stratus cirrus striped clouds. Clearing day and Good windy weather Passage through the fog/steam/smoke isolated on black with alpha channel. Sunrise over the Earth. The earth rotates quickly. Volumetric clouds. View from space. Beautiful starry sky. 4K. Planet earth from space. Realistic world globe spinning slowly animation. Camera over Indian Ocean and Africa. Beautiful And Realistic Sunrise Over The Earth. 3D Animation. Ultra High Definition. 4K. Several lightning strikes over black background. Blue. Electrical Storm. More options in my portfolio.
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