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Tilt down aerial flyover of the streets downtown in Detroit. Cool Perspective. CLOSE UP: Freight container semi trucks driving from the distribution center storage depot to the busy multiple lane highway over a overpass bridge transporting goods at gorgeous golden light sunrise CLOSE UP, FPV: Semi trucks driving over the overpass, transporting goods across the busy multiple lane highway full of cars at golden sunrise in industrial city Detroit, America. Detroit Aerial v107 Flying low over downtown panning with cityscape sunset views. 10/15 (clip 10488071) Detroit Aerial - Straight down flyover rooftops and the streets of a busy hard working city. Aerial view of Detroit skyline during sunset Detroit Aerial v106 Flying low towards downtown with cityscape views. 10/16 CLOSE UP: Driving along the scary graffiti walls in abandoned rotting Detroit towards the ruins of derelict decaying Fisher Auto Body Plant 21. The remains of broken down and destroyed car factory Detroit Aerial v93 Vertical shot over downtown then panning up. Detroit Aerial v111 Flying low over downtown with cityscape sunset views. Warehouse window wide shot Detroit Aerial v43 Flying vertical shot looking down over downtown buildings. Aerial Detroit GM Tower Tilting Aerial Shot of City Skyline Detroit Aerial v41 Flying low side view over downtown with cityscape views. 5/15 Revealing aerial pullback flying around buildings in Detroit's downtown. Detroit Aerial v63 Flying low over abandoned old Packard Plant then panning left. Aerial Detroit Skyline Close up of a race car engine Detroit Aerial v119 Flying low over downtown panning with cityscape sunset views. 10/16 Abandoned Factory in Bankrupt Detroit Blight Collapse Burnout Arson Fire Reflection Puddle
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