Supper Stock Video Footage

Sirloin aged prime rare roast isolated grilling pork filet with stripes slow motion. Close up blurred concept of chief cooked oil unhealthy, but very satisfying protein tasty burger in casual bar Crowded muslim family eating delicious and miscellaneous food having dinner on a table together Wind blows girls blonde hair on tropical beach in Super slow motion Little girl in the kitchen with her mother. Mom gives the daughter broccoli. The girl resolutely repels the vegetables with her hand. The baby is very angry and does not want to eat. Child eating burger for dinner.  Toddler baby eats hamburger for the first time for supper Person puts dirty dishes and cutlery into modern dishwasher after having supper in kitchen extreme close view Aerial view of several Mexican tortas with sauces and a bowl of jalapeƱo pepper with a torta in the middle accompanied with chips Family and friends sitting at a dining table Crop shot of waiter delivering food. Crop faceless shot of server delivering order. Woman preparing supper for two persons. Romantic concept . Young boy eating yogurt with spoon. 6 year old kid eating supper dessert Fat little boy sits in kitchen at table, eats soup on background of window Taking best pizza hands from above top view Woman eating vegetable salad, observing diet and counting calories, wellness The professional chef puts just now cooked pizza from oven inside a pizza box. Ready for delivery Teenage girl using smartphone and eating soup in kitchen
Arty celebrates company success. Employees in the company are enjoying the party after a great performance. The party is full of laughter and fun.In Party have Eating, Drinking, Joking and Having Fun Dinner of a big family. Grandparents, parents and child going to  meal on outdoor terrace by the house with lit candles on the table. Mother comforting crying child Aged prime rare roast grilling tenderloin fresh beef filet with lines slow motion. Closeup blur macro concept of cooked healthy juicy very satisfying protein supper at home picnic party. Nobody around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - December 24th, 2018 : Happy Indian family eating together at mamak restaurant at night. Beagle puppy sitting eating dry food over white background. wagging tail, he runs to the plate. eating out of dishes for dogs. Slow motion
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