Surfboard Stock Video Footage

Female surfer sitting on surfboard in ocean in Australian, soaking up the sun waiting for the next big wave. Use for fitness/lifestyle advertising/commercial. Medium shot on 4k RED camera. Young, beautiful, blonde surfer woman stands with her surfboard on the beach with the sea and surf in the background in dawn light, in Australia. Medium shot in 4K on a RED camera SLOW MOTION: Cheerful extreme pro surfer surfing big tube barrel wave Teahupoo in crystal clear Pacific ocean in sunny Tahiti island Surfer paddling over blue ocean wave at sunset in slow motion, outdoor fitness lifestyle SLOW MOTION: Surfer dude making a sharp turn on his surfboard and splashes water on camera lens. Sportsman having adrenaline fun carving dangerous ocean waves. Young surfer riding epic wave in the sun SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, UNDERWATER: Young man surfing a big crashing ocean wave in sunny nature. Surfer carving awesome wave on his cool surfboard. Fit surfer guy riding waves in popular surf spot. Eager blonde woman swimming with a large ocean wave on surfboard and having fun in Australian beach with bright day lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera. Young female surfer contemplating while lying on surfboard and swimming over an ocean wave in Australian beach with bright day lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera. Beautiful Young Woman in a Swimsuit Holding Surfboard Walks on the Beach Towards the Sea. Sun Shines on this Gorgeous Girl. Sea is Visible. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera. Rear view of two male surfers running together with surfboard on the beach. They are interacting with each other Father lying on stomach on beach teaching little son how to swim on surfboard and then kid running to ocean and playing with dog Aerial view of young couple stand up paddling on vacation Child learning surfing with young father in tropicals. Cute boy on surfboard on ocean wave. Enjoying summer vacation in surf camp. POV Beautiful young woman surfing at sunset Athletic blonde woman surfing a large ocean wave and having fun in Australian beach with bright day lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera. Young attractive women at the beach with vintage beach cruiser car, getting ready to surf at sunset, island beach lifestyle SLOW MOTION: Large ocean waves violently crash and break in front of golden lit surfer. Unrecognizable male surfer walks towards ocean waves with surfboard in his hand on a beautiful golden evening. SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, UNDERWATER: Beginner surfer crashes into crystal clear water while he tries to stand up on surfboard. Funny shot of man falling into the turquoise water while trying to surf. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Pro surfer drags his hand through the water while surfing a beautiful tube wave glimmering in the bright sunshine. Young surfboarder gets almost swept by a big barrel wave. Silhouette surfers walk with surfboard beach golden sunrise rapid slow motion AERIAL: Surfers watching waves at sunset
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