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Macro eyes web surfer and the office worker, insurance broker, workaholic, while working in the office evenings, control and security in the accesses, security, concept of internet web application. Surfer dives under the wave with the surfboard (the trick named in surfing as Duck Dive) looks into the camera and shows the Shaka sign SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP Cheerful young surfer wakeboarding, sliding his hand on water surface, splashing water at camera. Smiling wakesurfer riding waterski cable park on sunny day. Wakesurfing in summer A young couple of guy and girl surfers are walking along the beach in wetsuits. In the hands of holding surfboards. Look at the waves and the sunset. Front view of active senior Caucasian female surfer carrying surfboard on her head at beach. She is smiling and looking away. Side view of male surfer standing with surfboard on the beach. He is smiling and looking at camera Front view of Caucasian female surfer carrying surfboard on her head at beach. She is smiling and looking at camera Young man surfer in wetsuit picks up surf board at the beach walking on the sand along sea shore looking at the ocean at sunset gimbal dolly steadycam Close up portrait of confident young surfer man smiling cheerful looking at camera, enjoying carefree lifestyle holding surfboard on sunny early morning beach slow motion SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Surfer girl standing on rocky ocean cliff and watching breaking waves at golden sunset. Woman holding a surfboard, looking the waves at sunrise in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Healthy food and fitness lifestyle woman on beach drinking Green detox vegetable smoothie after surfing workout on summer day on beach. Healthy lifestyle concept with beautiful surfer model. 96 FPS. Surfer walking towards the ocean in Venice Beach, California / Surfing, slow-motion, breathtaking sunset view  Surfer girl surfing happy and serene looking at beach sunset holding surfboard. Female surfer woman looking at water with arms outstretched living healthy active lifestyle. SLOW MOTION shackycam SLOW MOTION, COPY SPACE: Spectacular shot of water splashing while surfer girl stands still on a beautiful black beach. Powerful ocean waves hit the rocky shore. Female tourist looking into distance. Close up portrait of attractive young surfer man smiling happy looking at camera enjoying carefree lifestyle holding surfboard on sunny early morning beach, slow motion Man working on a macbook in cafe Medium shot  of blonde Scandinavian surfer in her 30s traveling Costa Rica alone on beach holding a surfboard looking at distant breaking waves in golden ambient sunrise light. Beatiful muscular man silhouette against sunset walking away Medium close up shot with parallaxement of blond Scandinavian surfer in 30s standing alone on beach looking at distant set of breaking waves in early golden sunrise, in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Portrait of young surfer man sitting on beautiful seaside beach looking pensive, contemplative successful male thinking healthy lifestyle goals real people series Close up portrait of young surfer man breathing relaxed smiling looking confident enjoying carefree lifestyle ready for early morning surfing
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