Switches Stock Video Footage

Close-up View of Modern Internet Network Switch With Plugged Ethernet Cables. Blinking Lights on Internet Server. Concept of Data Center, Cloud Computing and Telecommunications. Endless Loop.
Vintage switch on, turn off television. Analog Static Noise texture. Monochrome, black and white offset flickering noise. Screen damage TV effects and artifacts. VHS. Bad interference. Retro 80s, 90s Static HD video Dj mixes the track in the nightclub at party. Closeup on the DJ's mixer filled with green light. Stack of Retro Vintage TV Turning On Green Screens. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want with “Keying” effect in AE (check out tutorials on Internet). Businessperson Turn Off the Lights Living Office Room Thru the Entrance Door Young Beautiful Woman Gives a Voice Command to a Smart Home Application on Her Smartphone and Lights in the Room are Being Turned On. She Walks and Sits on a Couch. It's a Cozy Evening. Young Handsome Man Gives a Voice Command to a Smart Home Application on His Smartphone and Lights in the Room are Being Turned On. It's a Cozy Evening. Turning light ON and OFF 4k Close-up Of A Tungsten Light Bulb Switching On And Off. Energy, Electricity, Innovation Concept. Woman's hand turn on the lamp Pushing Blue  Power ignition Button to start keyless ignition hybrid car electro engine Laptop blank screen opening with screen switching on - isolated on white and green screen. Alpha matte for laptop and screen included Woman turning on a table lamp at home, hand close up Dentist in latex gloves switching lamp and examining patient teeth in clinic Electric machine on table for working of sound designer or club dj at party in nightclub. Occupation for modern lifestyle, objects for listen at background. Musical player for tuning of stage close up Real analog glitch. Switch on off TV. White green noise on black intro for social media channel. Broadcast Tv Studio Production - Vision Switcher Studio Director broadcast video mixer operation - Close-up of hand. Hands of a cinematographer who worked on the vision mixer, switch the TV panel. Faceless person turning on and after few seconds turning off with her finger creative table lamp with dark glass dome on in blue room in evening Bearded man with beer helmet sitting on the sofa at home, drinking beer, watching tv and relaxing. Soundboard Pads TV Station. Sound Designer Used Digital Audio Mixer In Production Studio.Sound Engineer On Sliders In Radio Station. Engineer Press Key Buttons Control Desk Recording Studio Technology Controlling lights with an app in smart home / Smart house features / Changing mood/color of the lights
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