Syrian War Stock Video Footage

Syria refugee tent camp container2 Orphan emaciated refugee boy stands alone looking into the camera Portrait orphan emaciated refugee boy stands alone looking into the camera LESVOS, GREECE October 25, 2015: Refugees arriving in Greece in dinghy boat from Turkey. These Syrian, Afghanistan and African refugees land their boat at the North coast of Lesvos near Molyvos. View of syria stret and syrian tank. Fire and smoke. War in the syria. Syria Pan Dolly shot aftermath destroyed city - 4K Refugees camp Train Station Exodus of middle east population, European crisis, consequences of Syrian War, world problem.leaving Syria-  going to Europe. refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Aerial shot of  syrian refugees camp in Sanliurfa, Turkey. January 2017 - Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon: Syrian refugee mother and children in the cold weather at refugee camp ALEPPO, Syria - DEC 2016: Residents walking on the rubble to get back to their homes. Just after restoring whole Aleppo from militants by the Syrian army, residents start to get back to their homes HOMS CITY Aerial 4K syria Chios , Greece - 10 27 2016: Refugee families from Syria and Iraq arriving by rubber boat on island in Greece. Idomeni, Greece - April 17, 2016: A refugee child waits in line to get food in an improvised camp where over ten thousand people are waiting. ALEPPO, Syria - 2016: Barefooted Syrian dispalced kids laugh to camera. Syria war left millions of homeless Internally Displaced Persons PAN with close up of sad Arab refugee boy with dirt on his face wearing puffy vest and holding plush bear Big group of refugees leaving Hungary and going into Austria. They came to Hegyeshalom by train. These refugees are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. October 6, Hegyeshalom, Hungary Refugee boy looks compassionately at the camera, homeless boy, pain on face Medium snapshot of some tents in a Syrian refugee camp Syrian children inside the refugee camp near the Turkish border.
Idlib, Syria January 16, 2020 A flight of a drone over the city of Homs in Syria  03/04/2017 - Homs - Syria Destroyed rafts and abandoned life jackets line the beaches of Lesbos, Greece as thousands of refugees pour into Europe.
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